NOV 7th,2011


Review By: MetalMom
Photos By: Char Tupper

With a heavy heart we drove into Vancouver to see the Gwar show at the Commodore Ballroom. Not really knowing what to expect after the announcement of the passing of Flattus. But if Gwar was continuing, we were going to go show our respect for such a feat.

First up tonight is GHOUL , on stage they wear what looks like potato sacks, you know the old fashioned burlap bags you grandma use to buy her potatoes in. Under that disguise is Digester (guitar/vox), Dissector (guitar), Cremator (bass/vox), Fermentor (drums/vox), and Mr. Fang (coffins and curios). Again first band up surprised me, they had a really great sound of thrash and grindcore with the death metal vocals. Crowd loved them, you just had to watch all the action on the floor. They were a band that started the night off right, some head banging was had by all. The only thing that disappointed me, was they were too much like Gwar, in a sense of spraying the crowd with canyons, and having the monsters that came out. Personally I don’t think they need that, they have a great sound and its well put together, everyone enjoyed them.

Second to come up on stage was EVERYTIME I DIE, a metal, hardcore band out of Buffalo, New York. This band consisting of Keith Buckley (vocals), Andrew Williams (guitar), Jordan Buckley (guitar), Stephen Micciche (bass), and on drums is Ryan Leger. Their sound is definitely hardcore and I think some punk thrown in there as well. But from the moment they got on stage, their energy level was amazing, and it didn’t stop for their whole set, it may have slowed a tad near the end, but watching them, you fully understood why. The hardcore bands always attract a certain type of fan, brutal ones, mosh pits were wild and insane. The music was fast and heavy, just what they wanted, and it was given to them in hardcore style. They have perfected their style and their sound. Although not my style of music I could appreciate the work and effort gone into their music.

Next up , was the headliner we had all been waiting for. GWAR, a band that has mastered the art of satirical heavy metal since 1984. They have created their own style of heavy metal holocaust of shock and horror to make an impact on us earthbound minions. And an impact they always leave us with. In fact if you have seen GWAR before, you came prepared, old shirt, things you want protected, put away somewhere safe. Just look around the Commodore, you can tell they knew what was coming. They had us all captivated from the moment they came into view. And their set was phenomenal, the antics of the blood guns blazing through the crowds, leaving their bloody mark. A memory not to be forgotten for many. Personally for me, I love watching them on stage, and I do really enjoy their music, both go hand in hand for GWAR. It was really amazing to watch them play, especially knowing the tragedy they have gone through a few days ago. The loss of Flattus Maximus (Cory Smoot). To get up on stage knowing your buddy wont be there with you tonight, must have been the hardest thing for them all to do. But they decided to go on for Flattus, and for the fans. My hat goes off to these guys. They did a dedication song “Metal Metal Land” for Flattus, and you could tell by watching around the crowd, that it touched a lot of people. I am sure Flattus is up in the cosmos looking down into the Bloody Pit of Horror. I am especially happy to have witnessed such dedication and perseverance on the part of GWAR. They have created their very own “GWAAARRRGGHHLLLGGH“, here on earth, lets keep it going and hope that in the near future they return from their universe to fulfill their destiny.



Friday, November 11, 2011
4:00 pm
Bennett Funeral Home Chesterfield Chapel
14301 Ashbrook Parkway
Chesterfield, Virginia

So Friday , for those of us who can not attend, lets at 4pm light a candle, or play a GWAR song in memory of one lost so young.



Footage from Cory "Flattus Maximus" Smoot's last show
in Minneapolis,Minnesota.