NOVEMBER 11th 2012
Review by Ayako mayumi
Photos by Peter Ruttan

Gwar is not for the faint of heart, and claims to hail from Antarctica with their slave pit residing in Richmond, Virginia, where they formed in 1984. They are spawning music across the cosmos under the famous Metal Blade Records. Gwar is the modern answer to the shock rock and gore metal scenes and just over a year ago, GWAR suffered a tragedy when their guitarist, Flattus Maximus, aka  Cory Smoot tragically passed away from a genetic heart defect. A normal band would take some time to regroup but GWAR charged forward without pause and decided to put forward the "Fate or Chaos" Nov. 11th show in Seattle WA.

On the bill we have Devildriver, Cancer Bats and Legacy of Disorder along with added bands ( Seattle only ) Martha’s Revenge, Cancer Bats, Exhumed, Napalm Death, and Municipal Waste unleashed on the Showbox Sodo the Fate of Chaos Tour. This was a show of powerful music and massive stage performance which started out with Legacy of Disorder from Australia to set the energy level to a high start. With their metal core sound and high energy stage presence they provided the audiences with an absolutely kick ass set. Not ever hearing this group before they blew me away with their sound and it was a good way to open the show.

California death metal band Exhumed if nothing else, know how to put on a compelling brutal metal show. To the blood red stage lights, the chainsaw-laden banners bearing Exhumed’s gore-dripping logo behind the band, or the surgeon wielding a live chainsaw.

If you are a fan of metalcore thrash punk and moshing this was the show to see bands like Martha’s Revenge, Cancer Bats all perform to the pack mosh crowd and are notable for its injection by a strong dose of melody, and plodding away with endless repetitive riffing and screaming simple grunts.

Formed in 1981 Grindcore masters Napalm Death to the stage next with front man Mark "Barney" Greenway offering onstage stumbling that resembles a spastic child but the rest of the band delivered on all fronts and hasn't diminished over three decades.

There was two bands bands that really stood out for me, Municipal Waste and Devil Driver. It was my first time seeing DevilDriver and one thing that always blew me away is the energy on stage. Dez works the crowd and unlike anyone else this night he had the pit going crazy. Dez Fafara simply screamed, "Seattle, I want to see you go absolutely nuts!" He got his wish, as his band mates ignited the stage. If you haven't seen DevilDriver live and love aggressive moshing metal then get your tickets! They are a true METAL band and put everything they have into each live show.

Right when Municipal Waste hit the stage, it felt like an atom bomb had been dropped. They're loud with grea guitar hooks that kept the fans thrilled. Municipal Waste are touring to promote their most recent  release The Fatal Feast. Most songs are about zombies, skateboarders in the wastes of Chernobyl, terrifying shark attacks, horror stories and partying but who real cares? New songs such as “You’re Cut Off” and “Covered In Sick/The Barfer” were more than well received by the mosh pit but it was the classic songs such as “Wolves of Chernobyl”, “Headbanger Face Rip”, and “Sadistic Magician” that kicked the venue into high gear with horns and cheers.

Finally we have GWAR with their blood canons and their slaves on stage to the penis canon spraying the crowd with blood and whatever else. The scum dogs really gave a show of humongus proportions. GWAR has drawn new guitarist Pustulus Maximus into their fold. Because the band did seem affected by the sad departure of Cory Smoot, it's hard to read the "Fate or Chaos" tour as anything other than an assault on the universe again. Pusutlus' guitar is heavy, resembling in sound and mass the powerful, doom guitar which energized the rest of the band to a ferocious tempo.

GWAR played most of their newest hits, including "War Party," "Hail Genocide," "Let Us Slay" and "War is All We Know," the band delved into some older semi-rarities, including "Saddam a Go Go" and "Wharghoul." The stage was littered with Mitt Romney, Hitler, Jesus, President Obama, Super Resurrected Robot Jesus, a random spectator, Gwar slaves, and many more...

Mid-way through the concert, in order to get back at God, to band did the most insulting thing they could think of and crucified Jesus…and then cut off all his limbs. Curiously, GWAR flunkie Bonensapper the cave troll was assigned the unenviable, and probably most heretical, duty of ramming the Holy Lance into Jesus' torso.

Later on, God resurrected Jesus as "Cyborg Jesus," who was no half machine and whole lot beefier. Again GWAR battled the robotic Christ and eventually bested him in a prolonged battle. Upset that GWAR was making a stronger argument for chaos ruling the universe over divine will, God himself challenged GWAR to a battle in his physical form. I'll not give away the twist ending!

For their encore, the band played their now famous cover of Kansas' "Carry on My Wayward Son" with Oderus adding the new lyrics "Why don't you get off the couch and get a fucking job!" The show ended with their standard "Sick of You" which, while a crowd pleaser and this viewer was pleased to watch this awesome spectacle.