JUNE 8th 2017

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

This was great, only had to drive to Bellingham to cover this concert, so a short drive south of the border, compared to the usual 3-hour drive to Seattle. Either way, I wasn’t going to miss Ghost Ship Octavius, not this time.

This was also a new venue, The Shakedown, nice atmosphere to it, small and cozy, but lighting could have been a whole lot better, so the photographers could capture and do justice to the bands.

First up tonight, a band I don’t know, called ALIEN PROBE. Being a fan of anything “Peter Tagtgren”, my mind hearing this band name made me think of his projects. That being said, this band didn’t quite have that same vibe. I myself was not fussy about the band, the sound was terrible, it kind of all mixed together, nothing really stood out. The vocals, okay, but you really need to have everyone being heard. They played a long set for an opening band. Looked like they had some local support from their fans too, which is always nice for a band.

Next, next is who I came for, I have only seen them once before, November of 2016 at the VENUE in Vancouver and was amazed then, and they sure didn’t disappoint this time. For those of you who may not know who, Im talking about GHOST SHIP OCTAVIUS. They’re a heavy, melodic, progressive metal band with an original sound and powerful dynamics. The band features Adõn Fanion on vocals, Matt Wicklund on guitar (God Forbid, Himsa, Warrel Dane), Van Williams on drums (Nevermore, Ashes of Ares, Pure Sweet Hell), and Dagna Silesia on bass (Warrel Dane, The People Now). Truly a remarkable combination of people, with some amazing talent.

What you will get is some memorable choruses, lyrics and imagery which takes you the listener to a frozen world of ghostly themes. The drumming is intense, and masterful, the bass riffs, thunder in your veins, guitar riffs hook you in, and pulling it all together is the vocals that are varied, not the same through each song. They truly played a phenomenal set on stage, in fact, a couple of times tonight, it snowed. That’s right, you read that correctly, a cool effect, one that thrilled the crowd, and myself. I love to see such different things while watching a band perform. Watching all four on stage, you can tell they love what they do, and they gave 150% to us fans that were in attendance. I can’t get enough of Ghost Ship Octavius, because they are a band that stands out, not just an ordinary Heavy Metal band. Watch for them in your neighbourhood, I think this band will make a mark on the industry. I wish I could have done more than 1 show, but sadly work gets in my way. Maybe next time.

I highly recommend seeing their shows, they still have 2 more coming up, if you live in the area, or not too far away, make sure to check them out, you will not be disappointed.