Photos/Review By: Char Tupper
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This dark, cold night, the Rickshaw Theatre was filled with die-hard fans of Thrash Death metal, and Vancouver’s finest put their foot forward for this event. Headliners were the Golers, following behind was Tyrants Blood and Horde of Anachron. These bands were “Torn from the Sky” to create one of the best local Vancouver shows to date.

The first band to perform was Horde of Anachron, forming in 2005, sadly still unsigned, but that isn’t stopping them. They have one full length album under their belts, released in 2009. This band’s sound definitely fit the bill of Thrash/Death metal. Vocalist, Wulfkorpse, let out a victorious thrash metal cry, with his band mates behind to follow him, they played through their set with such precision . Their stage presence wasn’t a huge stage performance, however, their stage energy, was most certainly present, and very encouraging to see.

Now,it is time to be “Cast Into Hell” and make way for Tyrants Blood. Their last breath-taking performance was when Pestilence came to town…8 months ago! This clearly didn’t stand in the way of eager fans waiting to see the band perform once again. Some history about the band, they formed throughout Vancouver/ Delta area in 2006 and is signed to Mutilation Records. The lineup currently consists of Brian (vocals), Vinnie (bass, backing vocals), Marco (lead guitars) and Matt (drums). These four strapping men walked on stage, fans chanting for Tyrants Blood, the room falls silent in time for Brian to say “ We are Tyrants Blood, and we don’t f*ck around”, then the squeal of Marco’s guitars cues the opening song into motion and the band becomes wild heavy thrashers. The fans were going insane for the guys, and their performance. They performed with such high energy and “in your face” stamina. You couldn’t help but notice Tyrants Blood with their almighty “Warhammer”. Tyrants Blood definitely took the show by storm.

Before the night came to a close, the Golers walked on stage. Forming in 1998 and only having a “one member” turn around, this band has produced three full length albums since 1999. The band consists of Charlie(vocals/guitars), Henry(guitar/back vocals),Jonny (bass/vocals) and Cranswick(drums). This Thrash metal/Crossover band walks on stage in matching wife beaters with handwritten “Golers” (in sharpie) printed on the shirts. This band may not look the part of a thrash metal band, but musically, they fit the roll and their performance was phenomenal, beyond my expectations. This was my first time experiencing the Golers, and I went in thinking “Well, another Thrash Metal band…yippee”. By the end of their set, I walked away with a genuine “Goler Rock” to my step. This band surprised me, and it was in the best way possible.

This concert left me feeling more appreciative for Thrash metal, that’s for sure. I had no desire for thrash metal, infact, I personally, am I straight up Death/Black metal girl myself. However, throughout the night, I found myself enjoying the music, having a good time with friends, and growing a stronger connection, I find myself feeling brutal and “Crushing onward into Oblivion” for Thrash/Death metal from Vancouver,BC.