OCTOBER 10th 2012
Review by Metal Mom

Release Dates:
Oct.23 (North America)  Oct.30 (Europe)
Available as Limited Embossed Deluxe Digipack(Bonus tracks), Regular CD, Vinyl will be available through Back on Black

Label - Indie Recordings
Hometown - Bergen, Norway
Genre - Black Metal

For close to a period of ten years, King ov Hell and Gaahl were the main members of the legendary Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth, with who they parted with back in 2007. Infernus from Gorgoroth claimed the right to the name Gorgoroth. When both (King and Gaahl) decided to create again, they chose the name “GOD SEED” , a name in honour of one of the tracks on the last Gorgoroth CD which they both had appeared (2006 Ad Majorem Satanhas Gloriam).

GOD SEED is a Norwegian black metal band with determination, and the members consist of - Gaahl/vocals, King ov Hell/bass, and joined by Kenneth on drums, Geir/keyboards,noise with Lust Kilman/guitar and Sir/guitar, there you have it, the powerhouse behind God Seed.

The 9 tracks on “I Begin” is GOD SEED’S first real CD, with their own music, to be released later this month. They had previously released a CD/DVD of their headlining performance at the 2008 Wacken Open Air Festival which was their first ever release under their new name.

The day is almost upon us for the highly anticipated black metal release from GOD SEED. It took several years to finally complete this album, it was written, arranged, and recorded between the fall of 2009 and May 2012. But what came out of those years is a true black metal blend of intense old school sound with some symphonic and psychedelic viciousness from the musicians pasts, and spurning onto “The will to grow, The god within man, the god within nature, and the will to reach one’s highest potential.”

Here are the 9 tracks:
1. Awake
2. This from the Past
3. Alt Liv
4. From the Running of Blood
5. Hinstu Dagar
6. Diversions 1 (Bonus Track Limited Edition)
7. Aldrande Tre
8. Lit
9. The Wound

Considering this is their first CD, I was really pleased to hear this album, yes, I know they are from the blackest of black metal, but it doesn’t always mean it will sound good. Its pretty obvious that these musicians had been carefully chosen for their individual skills, ones that are devoted to capture the true black metal sound and give us something that is unique and defining.

The instruments themselves showcase the talent of each member, the drums can go from the slow to the brutally fast, typical for black metal. They keyboards establish themselves as the evil psychedelic sound to the music. Bass, lets not forget, that most times, is very hard to hear, but listen to the songs, and you can hear the dark, fast tempos. The guitars, take on a life of their own, from slow to the fast, raw, savage riffs that follow the blackest of rhythms. We all know what to expect from black metal vocals, and yes, that’s exactly whats accomplished from Gaahl, some deep raspy to some dark clean vocals. This album is powerful, solid, and heavy, meaning, this is the truest form of Black Metal that you will ever get.

GOD SEED’s “I Begin” is un-comparable, there is no doubt once you have listened to these six amazing musicians and what they have captured on their CD. You want true back to the roots Norwegian Black Metal, then here is the CD for you