JULY 12th 2014

Review by Metal Mom

Genre - Metal
Hometown - New Orleans, LA
Record Label - Metal Blade Records

Members -
Ben Falgoust (vocals)
Sammy Duet (guitars/vocals)
Zack Simmons (drums)
James Harvey (bass)

Did you know that Goatwhore has been around for 16 years, they rose out of the swamplands of New Orleans in 1997 and through some changes, dramatic, traumatic, personal changes, fatal injuries, staying clear of Hurricane Katrina, and more, they have proven themselves a prime example of the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. They push through, they conquer, they slam it down, step on it and move on. That is Goatwhore.

If you know Goatwhore, then you know that this band is probably the hardest working band on the planet, they are always touring, endlessly. And not with the those big class C, or Class A’s, they are touring with a van and trailer. Ever since I first saw them play, they have always had that combo, meaning it’s not all about the luxury, but getting out to give the best to their fans. It’s what they do best, whether is the USA, Canada, Europe or Australia, Goatwhore is there, leaving their footprint.  

Under their belts, they have a demo, a single, a split album, and 6 (including the newest) studio albums. In 2010, they were also confirmed for being part of the soundtrack for Namco Bandai Games remake of Splatterhouse.

2014 Constricting Rage of the Merciless is what I call the best yet from Goatwhore. This is the bands first studio effort tracked to a 2inch tape, why, because it demands a much better performance over the pro-tooled. It’s 37 minutes of their most well executed, sonically annihilating music to date. It’s like the energy of a live performance on this album, as if you were at a concert and right in front the guys are executing their set. You can feel that on this album.  Phenomenal. The name of the album represents a person/persons being pushed into a corner too far until vengeance is born, but then again it also represents the failing mercy behind organized religion.

Working with Erik Rutan on this album, helped them to create just what it was they wanted. Erik has worked with them since 2006, so he knows what Goatwhore is expecting. Something NOT shiny, polished, sterile, manipulated, fake or false. Something they will call their own.

Track Listing -
1. Poisonous Existence In Reawakening
2. Unraveling Paradise
3. Baring Teeth For Revolt
4. Reanimated Sacrifice
5. Heaven’s Crumbling Walls Of Pity
6. Cold Earth Consumed In Dying Flesh
7. FBS
8. Nocturnal Conjuration Of The Accursed
9. Schadenfreude
10. Externalize This Hidden Savagery


This album is an emotional roller coaster, from sad, to angry, to down right out headbanging craziness. Not boring by any stretch of the imagination. Obviously some time was taken, and it was well thought out, having all the right people surrounding you can make that happen. I can just imagine Ben up on stage playing that air guitar he always plays. What I heard here while giving this a listen is some pounding force, vocals that have a great range, lower growls, to higher brutal ones, great combo. There is no doubt this is an epic album from Goatwhore, with each member putting in 150%.

Constricting Rage Of The Merciless has been unleashed on the unsuspecting. I didn’t expect to enjoy this one as much as I did, I enjoy Goatwhore, but just thought it would be like their last one, boy I was wrong. This album is one everyone should have no matter what genre you listen to, you will eat , sleep and breath this album. It’s that good.

While this has now been released, Goatwhore is about to embark July 5th on the Summer Slaughter Tour. You can also expect to see the guys at this years Gwar BBQ on August 16th.

7/17 - San Francisco, CA - The Regency Ballroom
7/18 - Santa Ana, CA - The Observatory
7/19 - Los Angeles, CA - House of Blues
7/20 - Phoenix, AZ - Nile Theater
7/21 - El Paso, TX - Tricky Falls
7/22 - Albuquerque, NM - Sunshine Theater
7/23 - Denver, CO - Summit
7/25 - Houston, TX - House of Blues
7/26 - Austin, TX - Scoot Inn
7/27 - Dallas, TX - GMBG
7/29 - St. Petersburg, FL - State Theater
7/30 - Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade
7/31 - Knoxville, TN - The International
8/01 - Cleveland, OH - Agora Theatre
8/02 - Chicago, IL - Mojoes
8/03 - Minneapolis, MN - Skyway Theatre
8/05 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave
8/06 - Detroit, MI - Crofoot Ballroom
8/07 - Niagara Falls, NY - Rapids Theatre
8/08 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza
8/09 - Worcester, MA - The Palladium
8/10 - Philadelphia, PA - The Trocadero
8/12 - Springfield, VA - Empire (NO MA)