MARCH 1st 2012

Review By: Metal Mom

In 1997, out of one of America's most culturally and historically rich destinations (New Orleans) arouse a blackened death metal band by the name of GOATWHORE. And on February 13, 2012 they released their 5th studio album through Metal Blade. In the beginning there was Sammy Duet who at the time was vocalist and guitarist, Soilent Green singer L. Ben Falgoust II, guitarist Ben Stout, bassist Patrick Bruders, and drummer Zak Nolan completing the lineup. After some changes, the existing members are now the ones that have created this new chaos, so lets give credit to the 4 demonic goats who have gone above and beyond their crusade to give us “Blood for the Master“:

Ben Falgoust -vocals
Sammy Duet -vocals/guitar
James Harvey -vocals/bass
Zack Simmons - drums

Now are you ready for some blood letting, there are 10 tracks to break some ear drums once cranked up loud. Here they are:

1.Collapse in Eternal Worth – 3:40
2. When Steel and Bone Meet – 3:12
3. Parasitic Scriptures of the Sacred Word – 3:28
4. In Deathless Tradition – 4:26
5. Judgement of the Bleeding Crown – 3:58
6. Embodiment of This Bitter Chaos – 4:44
7. Beyond the Spell of Discontent – 4:02
8. Death to the Architects of Heaven – 3:41
9. An End to Nothing – 2:49
10. My Name Is Frightful Among the Believers – 4:11

Its been 3 years since their release of “Carving out the Eyes of God” in 2009, and we are more than ready to be subjected to another round of brutal, aggressive black death metal done GOATWHORE style. “Blood for the Master” is an album you will appreciate to the fullest. The drumming by Zack is his usual phenomenal fast blast beats, creating the beat to head bang, guitar yields foreboding and fear-inducing sounds, bass is seldom used to play alone or a melodic tune, it more or less follows along the bass lines of the guitar. But it is also what seems to pull the sound all together. Lets not forget vocals from Ben, I have always enjoyed a black metal singer that has high-pitched raspy vocals which includes shrieking, screaming and snarling, and can still hear the words. That’s the point, so you can scream right along. This album has everything that you could possibly want and expect out of GOATWHORE. I knew going in to review this what to expect, I have seen many a concerts, and have enjoyed each one to the fullest, and with this new CD, its got GOATWHORE written all over it, with a few little changes, but still hits you in the gut.

For me, I think this is probably their best to date, so I am saying you need to have this latest GOATWHORE CD in your collection, do yourself a favour if you enjoy the black/death metal sound, go out and grab yourself Blood for the Master. And don’t forget to crank it up loud.