FEBRUARY 20th 2012



Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

It’s Monday evening, and one gigantic tour has hit our fair little country town of Abbotsford. The almighty GIGANTOUR started on January 26 in New Jersey, and completes its journey March 3rd in Texas. This is an extreme tour that has come our way, and what an honour it is to review this show, but biggest bonus is not having to drive an hour plus into Vancouver, but instead taking us only 8 minutes to get to the show,and park. Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre opened its doors not too long ago, May 10, 2009 and the concert capacity is 1,000 - 8,500 seats, which sadly were no where near full. I think much more advertising is needed next time. Unfortunately, its pouring rain, but as I walk around to the will call to pick up my ticket, no one in any of the line-ups are complaining, or looking miserable, in fact, everyone is happy, and all yelling out the name of their favourite band. That’s what I like to see, enthusiasm. I was a little disappointed about the fact it took so long to get in, doors 6pm, I was there about 6:10, but by the time I was in and seated, Lacuna Coil had played a couple of songs, and they went on at 6:30. Anyway, lets get down to the review shall we.


LACUNA COIL was first to come on stage, and in all fairness, they have never been a band that I listened to. But that’s going to change, they played an amazing set, with 2 vocalists (Cristina and Andrea), who I must say compliment each other very well, one doesn’t stand above the other, they flow. Its hard to really put them into one genre, and I don’t like to do that. These days, the bands seem to have a touch of everything in their music, and that is what makes Lacuna Coil stands out, they are not fitted into one, but bring into their music what fits. The sound was good, the lighting was exceptional. They all did an excellent job of their set. I without a doubt enjoyed them being the first up on stage.

Next, we have VOLBEAT…again, sorry guys, not a band I have ever listened to, but I will tell you this, they had me moving my feet, tapping my hands, and head bobbing their whole set. This is not what I expected out of them, coming on stage they looked more like a band from the 60’s by the way they dressed, short dark hair, more like Elvis Presley days. These guys from Copenhagen have the look and have a rock, metal, rockabilly sound that they have perfected, kind of like stepping back in time, but with a more modern twist as well. During their set they played a Johnny Cash song, and everyone was singing the words, a first for me, out of the ordinary, country with metal fans singing along. Their set ended way too soon, and looking around the venue, I think that a lot of others felt the same.


Well now you can feel the air in the room, its getting intense, and the floor is filling more, even where I was sitting in the seats. Why you might ask, well let me tell you, a well known band, established since 1975, is about to hit the stage with some loud good old English rock. I am sure you know who I am talking about - MOTORHEAD. This power trio is the forerunner for being one of the earliest members of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, which breathed new life into the heavy metal of the late 70‘s early 80‘s. You can see and hear they play what they enjoy, and they do it extremely well. The crowd was revived, creating small mosh pits here and there, and the endless crowd surfers didn’t stop, the energy of the fans and Motorhead, was relentless. They have been around for 36 years now, and still playing larger arenas, and fans from numerous generations fill the floor. This being my first time seeing Motorhead, they had great sound, lights again were good, and you got to love the old rock sound. For me, its what music was built on, but I do have to say, what caught my eye, was the drummer Mikkey Dee, who previously played drums for King Diamond. Man oh man, can he drum, he is a phenomenal drummer. I would say he did a 8 minute solo on his kit, and in that time he took the remaining sticks and threw them in the air as he was drumming. Now from where I sat, perfect spot for watching this, I couldn’t even see him grab the stick and throw it in the air, I just saw it flying up above him, and believe me, I tried so hard to see , but the speed and precision in which he accomplished this made it impossible to witness. I am still thinking about his drumming skill , he is such an accomplished drummer. As you can tell I appreciated the music from MOTORHEAD. There is nothing like listening to a band that’s the old rock, and when you say Motorhead, you also have to think Lemmy, they just go hand in hand. Because its Lemmy’s vocals that contribute the sound and make MOTORHEAD what it is today. I am blown away, and really glad that I had the chance to see them perform live.

Coming up next on stage, is the one, the only, MEGADETH. The floor is so full, and the seats are even fuller, and people are standing, for this heavy metal band, that formed back in 1983, after Mustaine‘s departure from Metallica, he formed this masterpiece. Well I knew what to expect from these guys as I had seen them previously at Rockstar Mayhem Festival in Seattle last summer. There is lots of controversy with Mr. Mustaine, but you know what, I could care less, its about the music, everyone has their own opinions, good or bad, but lets just concentrate on the show shall we. To start off the show, they dropped a big black curtain, and started playing. Great lighting again , makes for great photos for the photographers in the pit. And for the fans sitting in the back, they could actually see who it was on stage. The sound was great as well. They played a strong set , but for some reason it seemed a little slower paced then what I expected. There wasn’t a lot of movement from Mustaine on stage, I like a concert that band members move, its gets boring fast if they just stand there. Don’t get me wrong, they played their stuff exceedingly well, but the lack of movement on stage, makes the set boring quickly. The fans clearly loved them, all standing, horns high, they showed their appreciation, and what’s more, the fans love the classics, they can sing along. Guitarist Chris Broderick never disappoints, he is one that moves all over the stage, up front, centre, back, I am pretty sure he touches every corner of that stage. And I found myself watching him most of the show. Now the only thing I found really strange, was for Mr. Mustaine to come out and blow kisses, which was peculiar to see, at a heavy metal show, and political bantering? We all came for the music, not a political debate, if we wanted that, we would stay home and watch elections (ha-ha). Okay, looking back on this review it sort of looks like I didn’t enjoy MEGADETH , wrong, I did, but I just had some quirks about it, and its also just my opinion. I would still go and see this show all over again.

Considering that 3 out of the 4 bands were new to me, I enjoyed to the fullest each and every one of them. They all brought something different to the stage, and that in itself made for an amazing night of entertainment. Thank you to each band MEGADETH / MOTORHEAD / VOLBEAT / LACUNA COIL for making the trek out to Abbotsford.