January 14th 2012

Review/Photos By: Peter Ruttan


Fu Manchu are a band that will sure to appeal to all fans of the Desert/Stoner metal sound, and haven’t slowed down since there formation in 1990. Last week I made the drive down to Seattle WA where the El Corazon was the venue where the Fu were to perform there 1996 album IN SEARCH OF in it’s entirety plus other hit classics. 

Scott Hill led the charge with opening with a few solid tunes (“Hell on Wheels,” “Mongoose,” “Evil Eye”), Hill then announced that they would be playing In Search Of…, which they did, from start to finish. It was great to hear “Regal Beagle,” “Solid Hex” and “The Falcon Has Landed.” The California quartet have produced some of the loudest, fuzziest and all round rock and roll since Sabbath first hit the scene in 1970.

One thing about the FU is the element of danger that is in their performance. I was dead in front of Hill (no photopit) trying to capture him and any numbers of times throughout the set I would be banging my head and being slammed by the moshers behind me to the music and would look up to see Scott’s Guitar headstock centimeters from taking my camera lens right off.

“Supershooter” capped the regular set and the band came back out for a two-song encore of “Weird Beard” and “Godzilla,” as they didn’t play any material less than a decade old. It might have been cool to have one song from either Signs of Infinite Power or We Must Obey but a this point these guys had grazed us with something amazing and now they were moving on. They did play a pretty decent set of one and a half hours but surely that wasn't enough for this avid fan.