AUGUST 16th 2013

Review by Anka

From Hell’s album “Heresy” is a powerful debut without a doubt, although quite short – only 7 songs – it quickly attacks and delivers a dose of sonic violence that you haven’t probably heard in a while. Add an anger-laden, somber atmosphere and there you have it, in its darkest form: a piece you won’t be forgetting for sure, even if you eventually decide not to like it.

The spoken intro is going to send the chills down your spine, when you hear the already famous lines of the “Iceman” himself, and a few metalheads might also be familiar with some of these lines from Hypocrisy’s “Taste of an Extreme Divinity”. Nonetheless the spoken dialogue, an extract from an interview, is as effective here, and it fits the first chords like dark pieces of puzzle coming together perfectly.

The songs gravitate around the grindcore, thrash, doom and crust areas and wind through rhythm alternations from insanely fast to slower moments, without losing the dark element. It could seem surprising to find some very melodic, almost cinematic piano parts in “’No Place Like Hell” and sporadically on other songs, that blend in really well without any awkwardness.

The concept is carried on beautifully throughout the album, mostly at a crushing pace. The spoken parts return on “Crucifix in a Deathhand”, a short, moody and chilling moment backed only by piano and wailing violin.  Terror, murder, despair, struggles - a conglomerate of the darkest lyrical themes, completes this picture. Overall, the songs themselves remain quite short, like little shots of brutality released to knock you down in an instant. But honestly at the point when the album ends, I don’t think there’s anything else left to be said… or riffed.

Songs to remember: Terror, Holy War, Empty and Hollow

I have a feeling we’re going to hear more from this band, given the crowd’s contemporary taste and eternal search for heavy and heavier metal, but anyway From Hell will surely be a name you don’t want to miss out on a tour. For now enjoy this moment of sheer heaviness - a must-hear for 2013.