SEPTEMBER 29th 2012
Review by: Metal Mom

FOZZY is a heavy metal rocker band that comes from Georgia, and formed back in 1999 by Chris Jericho. The band is under the label of Century Media Records, and have just released their 5th album “Sin and Bones”. This was a highly anticipated album, and at the first week mark hit the Billboard Heatseekers chart at # 1, and by the sounds of this CD, wont be looking back. The album is also the bands first appearance on the Billboard Top 200 chart, where it landed at #143.  I can’t honestly say if this is the best of their 5 albums, as I haven’t heard of them before doing this review. Make no mistake about it, after listening, and thoroughly enjoying each and every song, I can honestly tell you this album is exemplary and surpassing a lot of bands in this region.

“Spider in My Mouth” was a truly unique song to start it all off with. A child like voice speaking, but eerie at the same time, then proceeds with the musical interlude of the popular nursery rhyme Itsy Bitsy Spider then continues on to do 10 volatile tracks of amazing songs. Their style is very impressive, so varied, it’s a masterpiece of workmanship here. This is probably my favourite song, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that that’s the only good song, because you would be missing out on an exceptional cd. There is some heavy riffing happening, lets say that the guitar work is phenomenal on here. Very catchy chorus, which after a few times through the album, you will be singing right along with them. That’s a bonus, no matter where you are, you can put this on and enjoy an outstanding listen. The drums are what compliment each and every song, they blend everything together and give it that beat that you move to, whether its head banging or tapping your fingers on the steering wheel, make no mistake, you are going to move. At times its haunting, other times, its heavy, but most of all, its one “H” of an album. And no, it doesn’t have that heaviest of the heavy sounds, the deepest of growls, but I can safely say that if you are a metal / rock person, this is really an album that is a must listen. Its different, but a good different, I am flexible in my music tastes, so I appreciate the different aspects of what they created. I can see this band going really far with their approach to their music, and for me, I cant wait til the next album comes out, hope they are working on it now. Do yourself a favour, go and get yourself a copy.

10 Superior tracks are:
 1. Spider In My Mouth
 2. Sandpaper
 3. Blood Happens
 4. Inside My Head
 5. Sin And Bones
 6. A Passed Life
 7. She’s My Addiction
 8. Shine Forever
 9. Dark Passenger
10. Storm The Beaches

Band Members -
Chris Jericho (vocals)
Rich Ward (guitar/vocals)
Frank Fontsere (drums)
Paul Di Leo (bass)
Billy Grey (guitar)