AUG 23rd,2011 

Review by: Metal Mom 

Out of Perugia/Roma in the year 2007 rose a symphonic black metal band that has become one of the most talked about bands in the underground. The members who have unleashed their defining moments are:

Tommaso Riccardi - vocals/guitar
Paolo Rossi - vocals/bass
Cristiano Trionfera - vocals/guitar
Franceso Paoli - drums/guitar
Franceso Ferrini - piano/orchestra

Agony is a 10 track unique blend of technical death metal and symphonic elements. Artwork was done by Marco Hasmann and the mix and mastering was done by Stefano “Saul” Morabito at 16th Cellar Studios. FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE has 2 previous recordings under their belt , Oracles (2009) and the Mafia EP (2010).

FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE is one of the most talked about bands in the underground. They have supported such bands as Behemoth, Vader, Marduk, God Dethroned, Origin, Dying Fetus, Hate Eternal, Suffocation, Napalm Death. Playing tours with Keep of Kalessin, Carnifex, Annotations of an Autopsy and Angelus Apatrida. Quit the bands to be playing with.

Now first off I just want to say, lots of you out there wont like it because its got the orchestra harmoniously in with the death metal. But I will tell you now that if you ignore this CD, you are missing out on music that will have different elements and will suit different moods, more of an art form.

This CD took me by surprise, it was my first time listening to this band, the musical intro had me interested right from the start, excellent piece to attract, then to follow up with such fast paced drumming, and guitar riffs supporting each song, these were all great choices. The vocals are forever changing, from the deep growl brutal death metal to the clear manner voice, all was done well, maybe just a little too much on the clear ones though. But the orchestrations are what I think made this an great accomplishment. Yes, it’s a little like Dimmu Borgir, but only for the fact of the orchestra. The sound is definitely their own.

The band has unleashed their defining moment in the form of “Agony” Make no mistake, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE are soon to be one of the leading forces in the extreme metal scene!