NOVEMBER 24th 2013

Review by Metal Mom

Fleshgod Apocalypse one of Italy’s ferocious/symphonic bands has come back with yet another epic classic “Labyrinth”. There are only 3 previous releases from this band, Oracles (2009), Mafia EP (2010), and Agony (2011). After seeing them a few times now you can understand the talk surrounding this band. Their talent for combining technical death with symphonic has gotten the worlds attention. This album was released back in August through Nuclear Blast.

Band Members:
Paolo Rossi - bass/vocals
Francesco Paoli - drums   
Cristiano Trionfera - guitars/backing vocals/orchestral arrangements
Tommaso Riccardi - lead vocals/guitars    
Francesco Ferrini - piano/orchestration    

Production - Stefano Morabito
Artwork - Colin Marks

This new album focuses on the bands rare talents giving us all that they could hope for and much more. The production sounds clear and powerful.

This CD is a concept album, a myth based on the labyrinth of Knossos and other characters.

Track Listing -
 1. Kingborn
 2. Minotaur (The Wrath of Poseidon)
 3. Elegy
 4. Towards the Sun
 5. Warpledge
 6. Pathfinder
 7. The Fall of Asterion
 8. Prologue
 9. Epilogue
10. Under Black Sails
11. Labyrinth

My personal best on this album is the symphonic aspect of it, I have always enjoyed the talent of metal and symphonic together, making it that much more interesting a listen. The guitaring is stellar on this album, not over bearing, but executed with precision including solos. The drums are a barrage of blasts, and take it from me, that’s a good thing. This album is all around a talented piece of listening pleasure, one that I just keep enjoying while I review it, numerous times. It’s an album that I enjoy, and just forget that I am suppose to review it, that’s just how good it is. I am impressed with the talent here, in fact, the album is great to listen too, and watching them play live is even better. Either way Fleshgod Apocalypse is a force to reckon with.

My suggestion, if you enjoy the symphonic metal sound, then this is the album you need.