FEBRUARY 6th, 2014
Review By: YouFO

Band Members -
Dallas Erickson - Lead vocals
Ryan MacDonald - Guitar/vocals
Chris Holtz - Guitar/vocals
Sean Lang - Drums
Russ O’Shea - Bass

Hometown - Abbotsford, BC

Track Listing -
 1. The Reaping
 2. Death With Regret
 3. Severed Inception
 4. Lore
 5. In Time
 6. The Summoning
 7. Serpent of Old
 8. Forged by Fire
 9. Firstborn of the Dead
10. Famine
11. A Will into a Way
12. Harvest of Shame

All songs are written by the band.
Produced by - Jason Campbell and First Reign
Engineered by - Jason Campbell
Recorded at - Big Block Sound, Langley, BC
Drums tracked at - Nexus Studio, Surrey, BC
Mastered by - Stu McKillop at Rain City Recorders
Cover artwork by - Caitlin Hackett
New Logo by - Horst Art
Back Photograph by - Kristina VBVV
Layout by - Sean Lang

Okay, let’s get down to work here, this band FIRST REIGN, I remember listening to as a teen in high school, went to the shows they played locally, in a tiny little room in a venue that no longer exists. So I was kind of curious to hear what they sounded like now because I didn’t even know they were still around. Not disappointed either.

I think it’s pretty safe to say, their music is going to appeal to a vast majority of metal heads out there.  This “Harvest of Shame” is their debut album. There are some influences you might recognize, but they have created what is their own sound, with a hint of what is probably some of the musicians favourite bands. It works, trust me, just give it a listen. It’s not often you hear a piano as an opening, but it works. You also have Ryan and Chris (guitarist) creating some brutal duals here, and it’s non stop. Drumming is exceptional by Sean, ranging from extreme fast blasts to flowing with the slower compelling songs. Russ’s bass thunders in your veins , and what makes this all so exhilarating is the vocals done by Dallas, you want brutal, savage intense, then it’s what you are going to get, but I think it would have sounded even more intense with a deeper vocal to it.  It’s obvious, that they may have been quiet for all these years, but they must have been still working on their talent somewhere. This is an exceptional album, one put together with some thought, and skill. Giving you the listener much to hear. You will also find on this album 4 instrumental tracks, short, and not sure if I really appreciate those as the other songs just overwhelm them. Definitely some unforgettable riffs, killer drum blasts, bass to kick your ass, and vocals that you soon won’t forget.

I am glad to see these guys are still here creating some great music for us to listen to. You want to own your own copy, go to this link at get yours:  http://firstreign.bigcartel.com/  It’s out now.