OCTOBER 1st 2017

Review/Photos By: Char Tupper

Tonight, was a night of classic rock, ranging from the early 70’s, to the mid 90’s, generations of fans gathered to witness Nickelback, Cheap Trick, and Shaman’s Harvest.  All three acts stand out from one another, yet all complement each other.  Giving a dynamic range of what classic rock is all about, from the slower melodies, to the upbeat catchy riffs we all know and love.

First on stage was Shaman’s Harvest, forming back in 1996 out of Missouri, USA, and currently touring in support of their latest record, “Red Hands, Black Deeds”. These guys certainly stood out from the other bands, their sound, even energy, was extremely mellow and laid back. I personally, am used to a more high paced level of stage energy, blast beats, and heavy guitar riffs. That being said, I still give credit that their performance was executed very well, just not quite my cup of tea when it comes to live concert experiences.

It was time for “The Greatest Rock band in the World”, Cheap Trick (or so they say anyway). Personally, that statement already left a bitter taste in my mouth, I am not a fan of saying any one band is the “greatest”, everyone is talented in their own way. I did, however, keep my mind open to the rest of their performance, since I too, can’t judge based on a single statement, I must see and listen before I say so. Forming in 1973, also from the United States, releasing countless albums, playing over 5,000 shows around the world, even being inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame back in 2016, to say this band has established a name is an understatement. Performance wise, the band put on a great show, musically well executed, with Rick Nielsen bringing out unique guitars, which visually added a lot of interest, especially for myself taking photos of the band.  Robin Zander, in my opinion, for how long this band has been performing, while not pitch perfect, sounded fantastic. His voice sounded crystal clear and sang most of the songs close to perfect. All the musicians on stage gave 110%, and you could see it in their energy, the crowd loved them, and I too must say, excellent performance to one of rock’s most classic bands.

Now, it was time for me to flashback to my early high school days, of wandering the halls, carrying my Walkman, and singing to the radio hits, “Never Again” and “Photograph”. In case the songs didn’t ring a bell for you, it’s Nickelback’s turn to hit the stage. I can honestly say, I may not have recognized their physical features from when I was into them during my high school days, but musically, I recognized them a mile away (almost literally, as I photographed them from the soundboard sadly).  Nickelback proudly is the one Canadian band on the bill tonight, forming back in 1995 out of Alberta, and now one of Canada’s most commercially successful bands to date, selling over 50 million records. Back to their performance, honestly, I went into their set thinking, “Wow, this is going to be horrible”, since after all, I am heavily into metal more so then anything else. I Then, the band hit the stage with a burst of energy and the crowd went wild, wow, what a reaction. For a band that Rolling Stone once quoted as “one of the worst bands of the 90’s”, hmm, the audience sure didn’t seem to think so, and Im pretty sure this is a 10 times bigger fan base then it was back in 2013 when that article was released. The band gave an excellent performance, it was loud, it was energetic, it was classic rock at its finest.