NOVEMBER 12th 2012
Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper


What a way to start the week, with a kick ass line up like this. It didn’t matter what our characteristic weather dished out, cold, damp or more rain, nothing was holding down the fans tonight. Looking around, it was an impressive crowd who ventured out to watch these bands destroy.

First up another new band LEGACY OF DISORDER, out of New Zealand, and they almost didn’t make it, there were some issues at the border, but they manage to sort it all out and made it to impress the fans. What an incredible band to start the night off with, and let me tell you they are pure heavy metal. They had a great sound, and the people in the crowds enjoyed them as well, they set the bar for the night, and it was raised high. They played an outstanding set with a lot of energy that seemed to pass through the crowd.

CANCER BATS took to the stage next, I have seen them play once before and was amazed by the high energy then, and I am still impressed, wow, singer Liam moves around on that stage like its on fire, which really adds to the stage presence. Now for a band that puts rock/metal and hardcore together, they have mastered it, it takes some ability and talent to put these together and give it a real punch. The poor photographers in the pit, wonder if they manage to capture him running endlessly around on stage. The sound was good tonight at the Vogue Theatre as well, which adds to the enjoyment of watching them play. I am not usually a hardcore fans as most of you know, but Cancer Bats executed their set with absolute perfection, and the bonus was watching them perform it all on stage. Excellent set. I also want to say that’s its nice to see such a band and realize they are also a Canadian one.

Next to perform on stage is a band that I never ever miss when they hit Vancouver, and they need no introduction, they are dark, deadly and dangerous, and can crank out that metal making your ears bleed. Don’t know who I am talking about, DEVILDRIVER. This band out of California hit the stage, and the floor filled so much you couldn’t move. Mosher’s tonight had some trouble standing, as the floor was protected with carpet, but not flat, so a lot of mosher’s ended up flat out on the floor. But this Metal Mom was standing my ground, I managed to be right up front and there was no way I was moving for Devildriver, they have been on of my favourites for a long time, and always an enjoyable, high energy set. Whats probably the best is the fact they don’t follow any rules, they create their own unique sound, and the guitar/bass work is phenomenal to listen to, the drum beats blast right along with it. And we all know Dez’s vocals, very distinct and they put their sound over the top. A lot of the fans (including me) were singing right along with the songs, which makes for a better experience as well. So much energy, so much talent. Each and every member of Devildriver put their brutal heart and strength and give their fans a show they wont soon forget.


Now, its time for the headliner, and a very messy (blood/puss) show, we all know what to expect, the photographers enter the pits with rain gear, their cameras are all covered with plastic. So you kind of get an idea of whats coming. If you don’t, get out of the way, because the rest of us do and we have been waiting for this since their last visit, they venture out yearly from the Slave Pit and wreck havoc on what they call this toilet of a planet. You really have to see them to believe them, they wear costumes, but covers very little, and the rest of their bodies are accentuated with makeup. And if you are still not sure who I am talking about, its GWAR. Something else we have all come to expect from these creatures is the mutilation of celebrities, a few examples are Hitler, Jesus, Obama and others, which in turns leads to the spraying of the audience with mostly harmless fluids. With this show there was a new character added, his name is “Pustulus Maximus”. There is always so much happening on Gwar’s stage, they have slaves that run around, making sure everything runs right, the Gwar members who have such elaborate costumes and big, they fill the stage. But also with their set, they have enormous backdrops, there is always something to look at, but not for long, because they are always doing something and you don’t want to miss out. The crowd goes crazy for Gwar, there wasn’t much room for the mosh pit, because everyone crams up front to get the spray, which continues throughout the show, after all, there are many dirty scoundrels that need to be dealt with. Some people laugh and say its silly, but think again, they have a great set, their music is well done, and the stage performance, well that’s a real bonus to watch. This is a band that I wont miss, ever. Its plain and simple, good music and fantastic entertainment. Everyone walked out with smiles, and looking like blood soaked rats. That includes me, last time I stayed off to the side and was safe, but this time, its like they aimed right at me, but its all harmless, the fluid even got into my eyes, didn’t burn, didn’t do anything, just had to wipe it away so I could watch them aim again right at me, and the process started all over again. LOL. Did I care, no way, its all part of the enjoyment of Gwar. We who live on this toilet of a planet are not into submission yet, so I am sure they will have to make a return trip to deprive us of the sick fun we so desperately need, needing to make an existence in this diseased and miserable world bearable, even with an axe through your skull. Don’t I just make you want to see one of their shows. I would in a heartbeat. Hopefully see you out there the next time these scumdogs invade Vancouver.