November 18th 2011


Review by Ayako Mayumi

Fallstaf is a metal band hailing from Montreal QC. They play Brass metal or Trombone metal which is something that isn’t part of the normal metal scene. We have been exposed to Thrash, Power Metal, Death, Hair and the list goes on and while "Brass Metal" sounds like an oddity, its no more strange than Metallica playing with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra or Apocalyptica playing metal on Cellos.

So I received my copy in the mail “Bastard Sons of a Pure Breed” and didn’t know what to expect. Well its metal with guitars, drums, but with the a trombone thrown into the mix. You'll find screaming vocals, decend guitar work, and of course pounding drums. Then there is the trombone which works with the other instruments but be advise most listeners.... it takes some getting use to and for most might be turned off by it.

Overall “Bastard Sons of a Pure Breed” never has a dull or completely predictable moment, and the mesh of different styles broadens the music’s appeal those looking for something different. The album is an interesting iteration of metal that adds something new to the standard sound, but it just hasn’t quite yet grown on me personal to make it a classic or must-have addition. Fallstaf is basically a hardcore/groove metal act with a gimmick (guy in a ski mask playing trombone), but it seems like there’s the possibility of this band becoming something pretty cool if the members rework or tie in the brass elements. At times the trombone works really well and adds an extra quality to the music, but occasionally it just seems a bit jarring to the ear drums. Open minded metal fans should certainly give Fallstaf a listen and make their own minds up. It’s definitely something that takes a bit of getting used to like most radically brass music.

Track listing:
1. Dark days

2. The cost

3. Eulogy

4. Not welcome
5. Pull the knife

6. My demons (Acoustic)
7. 10 years in flames
8. The hounds
9. Fuck the fence

10. My demons

11. Violence as violence can be