JULY 12th 2014

Review by YouFO

I always enjoy the chance to listen to a new band, and this one is pretty new. Eyes of the Insane formed in 2013 to carry out  a basic need for it’s members, to make music that they wanted to listen to. The best way to do that is to start off with what you know and are familiar with, the music you grow up with. This was done, and by putting their own twist to it, a variety of musical styles. Let me tell you, they knew what they were doing here.

Band Members:
Kyriakos - vocals/guitar
Dave - guitars
Bela - bass
Jonas Sanders - drums (session)

They bring their own creativeness to the more polished metal sounds of this decade, combining their style in a musical offering which pays homage to their influences.

This Metal band is from Brussels, Belgium and it’s members are from Greece, Hungary and Belgium. Their first recording was made with Jonas Sanders (Pro-Pain, Resistance, Komah) behind the drum kit, mixed by Alex Yakas and mastered by UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound (Lamb of God, Gojira). The promo CD promises to be just the beginning of an unrelenting metal adventure, and will be released May 10th.

Let’s now take a look into the Eyes of the Insane and see what we find. I can safely say that this promo everyone should be checking out. The 3 songs (Black Doom, Crucify, and Insanity), are 3 well thought out songs, musically they captured my attention, everything, drums, guitars flowed, great headbanging music. Vocals fit right into all this insanity.  

I enjoyed this opportunity to give this a listen. Looking forward to more from this band. Check them out, along with their music.