JANUARY 10th, 2014
Review by Metal Mom

Release Date - January 7, 2014

The musical culprits at Tankcrimes are happy to announce the release of a split 12” from EXHUMED, California’s well known gore death metal band and Virginia’s IRON REAGAN. With these two bands battling it out here, you have a pretty good idea of whats to come on this split. You might be surprised to find these bands together, but think about you, on one hand you have some gore saturating death metal mixed thoroughly with some inspiring thrash hardcore, and really you have some awe inspiring headbanging going on here. So you want to hear some blistering bass lines that command your attention,  some numbing death grind, some pretty strong thrash presence, this is it, it’s a lot more intense and savage.

Most of you know what to expect from EXHUMED, and they are not going to disappoint you on this one either, they are still addictive, aggressive, and brutal, and with IRON REAGAN (who is a side project from Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour), they pull in the crossover/hardcore punk to add that extra punch.  

EXHUMED / IRON REAGAN Split 12” Track Listing:

Side A
1. Gravewalker (EXHUMED)
2. Dead To The World (EXHUMED)
3. Seeing Red (EXHUMED) – Minor Threat cover
4. Ready To Fight (EXHUMED) – Negative Approach cover

Side B
5. Life Beater (IRON REAGAN)
6. Gave Up On Giving a Fuck (IRON REAGAN)
7. Mini Lights (IRON REAGAN)
8. Holy Water Makes Me Wet (IRON REAGAN)

I am not going to lie I am a huge Exhumed fan, and this was a must review for me, they always have so much to offer the fan. Truthfully I am new to Iron Reagan, but putting them together for this split was a great idea, and had everything you could possibly want to sit back and keep the brutal thoughts coming. This is a well executed split, in fact it is unique to have 2 bands on an album, cranking out their styles. I for one am impressed, and really enjoyed listening, and one that I didn’t skip a song because I was bored, or it just wasn’t what I wanted to listen to.  Whoever’s choice this was to put these two together, knew what they were doing. Go ahead, grab a copy when it comes out on the 7th, you will see what I am talking about. It kicks some major ass.