JULY 13th,2011

Review by: Peter Ruttan 

With the recent wave of “Modern Thrash Metal” in the last couple of years a few bands try to capture the popular sounds from the eighties. There is one band who in my opinion stands out and definite highlights is U.K’s Evile. To best describe Evile they sound like a mix of Slayer, Exodus, Testament and even some old Metallica. Evile will release their new album, Five Serpents’ Teeth , on  Oct 11th via Earache Records...this might change ;)

Evile's 2007 debut Enter The Grave, being one of my favorite albums of the ever-growing thrash revival, was a wonderful homage to the band's influences, containing more memorable hooks and talented musicians than 99% of the bands that Evile share the "Modern thrash" label with. There next album, Infected Nations, the band had made a much slower album and I felt something was missing and with the passing of Mike Alexander there bassist they had to pick up the pieces by finding a replacement and forwarding on. Now with there 3rd studio album Five Serpent’s Teeth combines the best parts of Slayer with the best parts of early Metallica like riffs and increasingly impressive drumming to this date.

Lead singer Matt Drake delivers plenty of passion and range still within the style of Tom Araya and James Hetfield. Drake simply sounds great and back in form, and gives an impression that he really put his soul into his vocal contribution on all 10 tracks. The musicianship is always been top-notch with these guys, and the creepy melodies are superb and this is the one of the places where the band succeeds in creating a song based mostly on atmosphere alone. Songs like In Dreams Of Terror have really no mid tempo spots to catch your breath, just a constant wall of ass kicking sound that pounds at you with no mercy. Other highlights that kick you in the teeth include Cult, Eternal Empire, Origin of Oblivion and Descent Into Madness. In Memoriam slow things down with this mid-tempo ballad and falls in the same lines as Welcome Home from Metallica’s Master of Puppets.

Eviles influences are pretty obvious on this new album, the fact that they can make something of their own from them makes them better than most. Five Serpents Teeth is one of the best Thrash album releases this year and it’s certainly worth a listen – and i feel the best out of there catalog to date. One thing about this band aside from the old school sound, technical skills, and excellent songwriting is the youthful fire and aggression that emanates from their music.