AUGUST 28th 2014

Review by Metal Mom

Genre - Symphonic metal
Hometown - The Netherlands - Belgium - Germany
Record Label - Nuclear Blast Records

Members -
Simone Simons
Mark Jansen
Isaac Delahaye
Rob van der Loo
Coen Janssen
Ariën van Weesenbeek

EPICA, a band that has enjoyed as much worldwide success and acclaim should have the right to rest on their laurels and stick to the customary successful formula. Their fans across the globe are only too aware, Epica has never played it safe, and they've never made the same album twice. Epica has worked hard and earned their reputation as one of the foremost symphonic metal bands by continually pulverizing expectations and pushing to exceed the limits.

This spring, saw Epica proudly unveil the next stage of their evolving musical progression “The Quantum Enigma”, their 6th full length studio album. This is like nothing you have heard before, larger than life you might say with expertly mixed evil sharp guitars, angelic choruses, synthesizers, superior drum beats, lofty vocals from Simone.  Let’s just state the obvious, they have gone beyond and created the most intense album to date from Epica.  

If you thought you had heard the best from Epica, think again, this is one that you could say transcends any others before. It’s pretty obvious that it has to be like this due to the band as a whole working together, to make it the best to be heard from the band. It shows in this album, it may be a longer process to finalize the album, but at the end, you have something everyone is proud of, and the fans love.

You are getting everything you expect from Epica, but you can’t beat that it’s done so well. I am a big fan of symphonic, it makes for such an emotional epic listen. This album did not disappoint me. I was quit happy to get this one on my desk. A lot of times, metal and symphonic just don’t mix, at least well, but I can say that Epica has outdone themselves. Many metalheads don’t give a listen to anything that might be symphonic, but if you give one a try, it should be this one, it will change your mind, and make you appreciate another fantastic genre.