APRIL 3rd 2013

Review by Metal Mom

Band Members:
Angus Lummis: Lead Vocals
Dave Watson: Lead Guitar
Mike Fezza: Lead Guitar
Darin Wall: Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Eddie Riumin: Drums

This is one of our very own….ENTROPIA, they are based out of Vancouver, BC, what, you haven’t heard of them before, well then its time, they are releasing a new 8 track CD, and I can tell you it’s something you really need to give a listen to.

They formed back in 2006, and at that time recorded a 5 song self titled EP. In December of 2008 they released a debut full length album “Lust For Apocalypse”, February of 2010 saw them release their 2nd full length “Electric Chaos”. They are not ones to just sit around, they have played at least 50 shows through B.C. and Alberta and have opened for such acts as Sonata Arctica, Joey Belladonna, Brutal Truth and Infernal Majesty. Right now they are currently playing shows around the Lower Mainland and looking for tour dates, and creating a little havoc by releasing their now 3rd full length “Crimson Empire”.

All music and lyrics were done by Entropia,  the production was done by Papa Cass and Entropia, it was recorded and engineered by Papa Cass at Metal Sounding Name Studios, and the drums were recorded by Mike Rogerson at Harbourside Studios. The creative artwork was done by Warren Flanagan.

Track Listing:
1. Crimson Empire
2. Wolves to the Slaughter
3. United We Slay
4. Destructive By Nature
5. Give Me Violence
6. Rule By Thrash
7. Shellshock mp3
8. Procession of the Equinox

So now you know a little about the band, and the details of their 3rd album Crimson Empire, lets get on with how it sounds. This, my friends is an album that you are going to want to blast, and blast it loud, make no mistake, this may be only their 3rd album, but they have definitely created a sound all their own. It’s a little bit old school, but it’s a full on brutal attack. There are some fast exploding bass riffs,  the drums are just as savage to hear. The vocals are melodic, right in tune, but don’t let that fool you, lets not forget it’s a metal band, so yes, there are some amazing guttural growls right along with it. Everyone in this band, vocals, guitars, bass, drums, have done an amazing job putting it all together and having it sound so incredible. They have done a phenomenal job, and it was really an honour to be able to review something like this, and even better, the fact they are one of ours, a band that Vancouverites can be proud to call their own. I don’t want to say too much, just a little about how great this is, and I know many of you will enjoy. So I want you to get out there and support Metal, you really will enjoy all 8 tracks from these disciples of aggression. Go now!