JANUARY 18th 2019
Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper


Well the day finally came, I was counting down the days until Friday, January 18th, so I could head into Vancouver to the Rickshaw Theatre to see some great friends and their band. The Invisible Orange brought this to town, and it was a pretty packed house.

Up first is a band I personally haven't seen before, they are SCIMITAR and they come from Vancouver Island (Victoria). The band members are, (I hope I get this right), Angus Lennox, Clayton Basi, Jesse Turner and Noel Anstey, and they are all about Metal. The floor was pretty full for these guys, which doesn't happen often for openers, I also saw lots of their merch on people. I was impressed, they had that steady beat that I enjoy, and looking around the crowd, others were too. Remember their name and if they are a bill, make sure to check them out.

ARSIS, most of us know these guys, they have been through Vancouver many a time. They are basically a Technical Melodic Death Metal, never sure what these genres are, I just go by if I enjoy it or not. I enjoyed. It was a bonus too for James Malone, first time playing Vancouver sober. Koodoos my friend, keep it up, one day at a time. Well with Arsis, I think everyone got a bee in their bonnet as the mosh pits started up, and I mean (sorry) stupid ass mosh pits. It is really hard to enjoy a show/band when you are constantly looking over your shoulder to see if you are going to get nailed. Don't remember mosh pits for Arsis previously. They were good, they had their set nailed down, and the crowd went crazy for them. And that is what it is all about, whether the fans enjoyed their time there.

Well up next, is actually who I came for, Symphonic Death Metallers SEPTICFLESH from Athens Greece. The last time I had the honour of covering one of their shows was back, way back in 2015. Way too long, but I can tell you I was not disappointed, they played a killer set, giving 150%, in fact at the end of the show they said that Vancouver gave off the most energy of all Canadian cities. Yes, we are proud. How can you not, they played a multitude of songs, every one of them my favourite. In fact one song "The Vampire From Nazareth", I was listening to on the way down to the show, and I said they won't play this one. I was pretty excited when they announced the song and started playing, there are just some songs that hit you hard and you enjoy every second of it. The set tonight, was phenomenal, couldn't have asked for a better one, well maybe more time to hear more. The mosh pit was even crazier for them, I sadly had to step away from my usual spot, but that's okay, I want people to show they are enjoying, having the best time. Septic Flesh never ever lets you down, the excel at what they do. There really is no words to say here just how amazing they were, each and every one of them. I did notice something a little different this time around, and that was Seth talking to the crowd, stirring them up, getting the energy going, which they also work off of. I know they have a monster tour in Europe, but when they come back, oh you can bet I will be there, and I highly recommend you do too, you won't be disappointed. SepticFlesh RULES and they are masters of their craft.

Headliners tonight are Finnish melodic folk metallers ENSIFERUM. The floor was packed, and I took to the side to enjoy, as there was a ton of moshing, and especially crowd surfing (even though signs around the venue, said no crowd surfing). But you got to do what you got to do. I haven't covered Ensiferum before, but I have heard their music. I know there are people out there that don't like them, because they are the a different metal type, some people are really pigion holed in what they like, but take some time and listen, watch. I surely enjoyed, but I also like the fact that their music has a beat, not all over the place, so that in itself helps alot when it comes to enjoying. They played numerous songs, all excuted well. They really looked like there were enjoying themselves up there. They moved around on stage and the songs that were played varied, from slow melodic to some pretty heavy hitters. It was great after awhile I stood to the back of the venue to watch the crowd and their fans. Pretty dedicated ones at that. Great performance by each of the guys.  

This tour is still happening, and here are the remaining tour dates:

01/22 Mesa, AZ Club Red
01/23 El Paso, TX Rockhouse Bar & Grill
01/24 Dallas, TX Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
01/25 Austin, TX Come and Take it Live!
01/26 Houston, TX White Oak Music Hall
01/28 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade (Hell)
01/29 Tampa, FL The Orpheum

So go, enjoy a night out with some amazing bands.