AUG 1st,2011

We, at MetalTitans got a chance to do an exclusive written interview with Niclas Engelin (guitar) of Engel, who you may also recognize as the latest addition to In Flames who is currently touring on the Mayhem Festival on the Revolver Stage.

Engel is a melodic Death metal band consisting of 5 Swedes from Gothenburg from whom provides the ultimate rush. They understand the balance between skill and brutality. Forming in the early 21st century, these 5 men set out for global domination, and quickly got to touring with some big names from around the globe. For more information, check out our interview below !!

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Thank you Niclas for taking the time while you are on the road to conduct this interview.

1. How did you manage to all come together, when you are all from different bands to establish Engel? Did you all know each other ?

Think we just happening to be on the same spot at the right time, and Gothenburg isn’t that big and we kind of knew each other which makes it alot easier!!


2. What made you decide to pick a melodic death metal style with an alternative influence compared to other genres ?

Guess that our previous musical adventures Blends in when we do music and we don’t tend to think because what feels right is the right path!! We do have some industrial influences in there as well and that’s shahs separates us from much of the other stuff that’s out there.


3. May I ask who writes the lyrics for Engel ? 

Mangan Klavborn our vocalist is responsible for the most part of the lyrics but i tend to throw in some lines here and there.. and that goes for the vocal melodies as well!!

4. You have such diversity to your music, does everyone work on their own and bring it all to the table when you plan your CD‘s? 

I write all the music and then bring it to the table for the other guys to have à say but I will arrange the music for the Engel sound which is as u mentioned diverse.  


5. There is a good balance between the skill and brutality, and yet there is a marrying between classic metal and new school characteristics, was this your plan ? It works really well .

We want to have something to everyone who’s into metal and maybe we can appeal à broader audiences


6. You have 2 CD’s under your belt now, Absolute Design, and your newest Threnody, how have the fans responded to both ? I personally love your newest one. I personally haven’t stopped listening to it since you told me about it.

I am really glad that you have taken our music to your heart and hopefully we can spread our music to as many people as possible. Threnody album is more easier that AD because the production is much more bigger and more epic and we are really happy with the songs on Threnody!! And the response have been just great so far because its à great step from the first one.


7. Have you always played guitar, and when did you start ?

Yes I have but I can play some drums, bass and some piano as well but no singing for me please ;) started around the age of 15.  

8. Was there someone who inspired you , someone who you thought was a great guitarist and wanted to be like ?

Just Loved Jake E Lee and his solo at Bark At The!!! And Ritchie Blackmore Van Halen all the classic guitarists is what appeal to me and still do!!

9. You have toured with some big names as well, like Dimmu Borgir, Amon Amarth, Still Remains, is there a band that you still would really like to tour with ?

We would love to tour with Rammstein!!


10. Is there something you would like to say about Engel, that I haven’t asked but you want the people to know about ?

Just check out Engel I’m sure alot of people would be into the band because we have something extra flavour to our music!

Thank you (Tack) Niclas for taking the time to answer our questions. I hope that in the near future you will make your way over to North America for a tour.

Thanks Rita for the interview and hope to meet you soon again!!