MAY 4th 2013

Review by Anka

Enforcer is a relatively new name on the rock/metal scene, although their sound might make you think they have been around for at least 30 years. The Swedish quartet appeals to a more rock and old-school metal loving crowd although its music is clearly more than that. Just released in February this year, the band’s third album titled "Death by Fire" guarantees quite a good time. It's like melodic speed metal with a retro vibe that just can't be wrong, something in the vein of Saxon, Anvil, early Iron Maiden and if you need a contemporary equivalent, I would say Holy Grail.

"Death by Fire" is a very intense and flamboyant album, with more of a hurricane-like development. It starts off with a speedy rock’n'roll beat, like a punch in the face it awakes even the most apathetic person, it holds the interest and gets you going, especially if you crank up the volume!  Although the next few songs keep up rhythm-wise, they fail to bring much novelty. There's a certain writing stagnation in the riff section and I would have liked to see more of what these guys can write, because they are some talented maniacs. Also, at some point mid-way through the album, the pace slows down a bit and that’s when I feel like there’s not much left to explore. On the plus side, unexpected elements like some atmospheric acoustic guitar at the end of “Take me out of this Nightmare”, or just the guitar intro from “Sacrifice”, or the piano and bells at the very beginning of the album make good escapes from the usual sound. 

The attitude saves it all, and the album still remains a good pastime. I really like the vocals, from thrash-y to classic metal, to all sorts of high-pitched screams with a good vibrato.  Sing-along chorus lines and fast, catchy guitar solos complete the whole picture without sounding cheesy. I particularly loved the bass lines and often got this Iron Maiden-esque feeling, especially on the instrumental “Crystal Suite”. Good times. A quite interesting song is “Silent Hour The Conjugation” which is more of an elaborate piece, half instrumental, with great moments and melodies. The album ends in an epic, high-speed note – just like it started- with a song called “Satan”. And if you don’t rock out to this one, you should retire. 

Songs to remember: Bells of Hades, Crystal Suite, Sacrifice, Silent Hour The Conjugation.

So this is like a perfect dose of pure metal in a loud fashion. Allover it’s a fine, upbeat album with great hooks and fast pumping rhythms, an album that would be very appreciated by the metalheads who grew up in the 80s – at least! Should be great to see these guys live, I have a hunch all this craziness bursts out of proportions on a stage