AUGUST 27th 2013

Review by Metal Mom

Members -
François Bertrand / Guitar
Olivier Lamoureux / Guitar
Alexandre Saint-Pierre / Vocal
Alex Provost Richard / Drum
Alexandre Paquette / Bass

Genre - Progressive Metal / Djent / Core
Hometown - Mont-Tremblant / Montreal
Record Label  - Independent

Release date scheduled for October 1st 2013

First let’s start off with a bit about the band, I don’t know about you, but I had not heard of this band until this review. ENDVADE was first seen on a late August night last year in 2012 in a den north of Montreal. Since that night they have been seen in many locations which coincide with abductions and some moshpits happenings. Make no mistake, they have arrived and are now among us. The assault has begun.

The first single and music video release on the metal scene is “How’s the Rain”, this is also the first song I chose to listen to because of the video. When I first started listening, I thought, great, what have I got myself into, the beginning was NOT my kind of music at all, RAVE, not metal at all, but thank goodness, it wasn’t long before it changed, and for the better. If you want some progressive mixed with some extraterrestrial aggressive rock, rhythm and groove from out of this world, you have come to the right place. It’s what you are going to get. Sadly there are only 4 tracks here, but it gives you a flavour of their style. There are some addictive guitar riffs, and they are executed nicely. Drumming is always the base of the song, holding it all together, great workmanship here. Bass has always been my favourite, I didn’t hear it much, but I know that it is there blending the music all together, making for exceptional songs. Vocals, well I can tell you they are out of this world, heavy, brutal and pulled this all together. Now you have an EP that is a great listen, one that you will be listening to and headbanding to from here to the ends of the universe. To me, this is really an outstanding 4 track EP, some thought went into giving the fans an extraordinary EP to pay attention to.

1. Another Big One Shelley
2. Religion
3. How’s The Rain
4. Unconditional Love

This is what a couple of artists had to say about it as well -

“Its interesting because the technicality doesn't necessarily lie in the grooves. Its presented in the layers that fall over top of everything. There is a lot of space in the music, which is a great attribute to have. I feel like its really relatable, and I would JAM out to it live. I may not be able to make you go and have a listen, but when you have Jeff Loomis and JF Dagenais"
- Anup Sastry, drummer for Intervals and Jeff Loomis

“Endvade has a sense for catchy guitar melodies that really stick in your head, leaving the listener humming them for hours after listening to the songs. Check these guys out!”
- JF Dagenais (Kataklysm)

Those are some pretty big compliments coming from the following musicians. It’s a must buy when it is released this October, mark it on your calendar.