FEBRUARY 29th 2012

Review By: Metal Mom

First, I am guessing that a lot of you are not aware of this Polish band EMPATIC, so let me just tell you a little of their history before going into the CD Review.

The band formed in December 2005 in Ostrołęka by founders, from Ostrołęka: vocalist- Maciek Rochaczewski and bass player - Włodzimierz Małaszek (Włodas). They are the ones who formed the new group. It came about from the break-up of two other bands from Ostrołęka. The bands present name, Empatic, was adopted from one of those groups. “EMPATIC” CHRONOLOGY.

The first band rehearsal was December 2005, January 2007 was their first show outside of Ostrołęka,- 'Panzerfest II' in Warsaw, next to Hate and Crionics. Demo was also released in this year. December 2008 the band hits the road on their first 'Heads Reaping Tour 2008' together with Belarusian Deathbringer. September 2009 the band begins recording electric and bass guitars for their first album in 'SB' studio in Ostroleka. September 2010 Maciej's vocal recorded in 'EMKA' studio in Przasnysz. In October the recorded material goes to Tomek Zalewski (mix and mastering). December of that year the debut album 'Gods Of Thousand Souls' appears as a release of "Psycho" publishing. 2011 Sees EMPATIC play many shows/festivals, keeping them busy. December of 2011 is release of their first video VS. There are many things that have made this band what they are today, but it would make for a very long read, so I put out just some facts to draw you to the band. Probably the most interesting fact about this band…The album was released thanks to financial support from the municipal government of Ostrołęka city.

So these are the members that make up EMPATIC these days:

Rochaczewski Maciej – vocals
Bednarski Jakub - guitar
Cikacz Przemysław - guitar
Małaszek Włodzimierz - bass
Jaroslavus Slivkus alias "Yopeque" – drums

Record Label - Terrasound Records, Austria

There are 11 tracks to be heard on Gods of Thousand Souls:

01. Green Mile
02. G.O.T.S.
03. False Friend
04. The Game
05. Tomorrowland
06. VS
07. So What?
08. Dreamer
09. Fulfilled Dreams
10. Empatic (instrumental)
11. Enola Gay (OMD cover)

Now lets get down to the bare bones of this album. On these 11 tracks, there are some elements of thrash, melodic death and they are put together with much thought. I enjoyed listening to all 11 tracks, I especially liked the instrumental Empatic, also because it was a great change to add to their album. The guttural deep growls of Maciej make for a bad ass sound, the guitar riffs are intense, at times melodic and other times going beyond limits, bass of course, more or less is background thundering with pure sound that ties it together. I always seem to find the bass does that. And you know that the drumming is the beat that you most likely pick up on to headbang, or throw the old horns in the air, they do a great job on this CD making it pulsate in your veins. All in all I found this to be a great CD to listen to, it had all the metal elements that I like and enjoy. It was never the same song , always something different at each turn. And that’s what makes for a very exceptional album. This is another band that I had not heard of before, so this first cd “Gods of Thousand Souls”, was listened to many times to make sure that I gave it a fair review, and I have to say….its first rate. I cant wait to hear their second one when it comes time. It will be a pleasure to do the review for that one. EMPATIC is a very promising upcoming band, so keep your eyes/ears open for whats to come.