NOVEMBER 3rd 2014

Review by Metal Mom

1. The Grave
2. Hearteater
3. Pants Down
4. I Wanna Feel You
5. Rainbows and Butterflies
6. The Way of the Warrior
7. The Reckoning
8. The Age of Revolution
9. Sacrifice to Venus
10. Gone Baby Gone
11. Man Or Mouse
12. Keep On Dreaming
13. Behind the Sun
Bonus Tracks Ltd. Digipak:
1. Dear Sadness
2. The Night Is Our Weekend

Produced by - Dan Weller (Enter Shikari, Young Guns, Bury Tomorrow) in close cooperation with vocalist Christoph von Freydorf.
Mixed by - Florian Nowak (DailyHero Studios, Berlin)
Mastered by Alex Kloss (Time Tools Mastering Studio, Hannover)

Band Members -
Christoph v. Freydorf - vocals
James Richardson- bass
Andy Bock - guitar
Stephan Karl - guitar
Hometown -  München

This is album # 8 to be released Sept. 30 this year. You will find that they are the exact opposite of the typical German band, and yet at the same time one of the forerunners of the German music scene. They don’t seem to be like any other, more or less an indirect underground tone. This is a first listen for me, and what I hear is fresh, none of that whatever is successful do it over and over again.  

It seems that after 3 years, the fellows of Emil Bulls are set to release their new album Sacrifice to Venus upon us. I have been told that the sounds are much like their good old times, don’t know, don’t care, this one is tight, aggressive, and giving a little melody and emotion to make this an all around complete and masterful collection of songs. Here is a taste of what’s coming “Pants Down”. Enjoy it’s pretty catchy.

Now some of those riffs heard in here, remind me of Korn, not a bad thing, because I really enjoy Korn. So you know if it sounds like Korn, you got some major ass riffs in here. I don’t know if you can really put them into one specific genre, but they call themselves Rock/Metal/Alternative, which is that and much more. Just listen to it, and you will hear more than one of those genres in here.  And really, does the genre matter, doesn’t to me, I enjoyed this album. I was actually pleasantly surprised to have a new CD to review, one I had never heard the name before, and actually enjoy. You kind of get that feeling that they take what they like in the realm of music, put it in a blender till it’s well stirred, and pour it out for all to enjoy.

I am not going to write out everything that is good on this album, it’s much better for you to go out Sept. 30th and purchase this album yourself and experience it first hand. But make sure you do.