Feb 15th, 2011
Photos By: Char Tupper
Review By: MetalMom
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011 brings the North American Tour of 2011 with such bands as Eluveitie, our very own 3 Inches of Blood, Holy Grail and System Divide to the Rickshaw in Vancouver. Tonight would be the 13th concert tour date, it started off on Feb. 1 in Philadelphia and ends on Feb. 26 in Atlanta, Georgia. Total of 22 tour dates.

Opening band to come on stage is SYSTEM DIVIDE, which happens to also be their second North American tour. What makes this band unique is there are 2 singers, Sven(extreme), and Miri (serene female) . They captured the audiences attention right away, with a style that is a combination of metal to melodic death, with some gothic, groove, alternative with just a touch of metal core, doom, symphonic, progressive and electronic. So you can see why the fans might enjoy this band. I was truly impressed with the way they put it all together. They started the night off the right way - METAL.


Next to hit the stage was the extremely high energy of HOLY GRAIL. They are all metal, with some thrash, shred and doom put in to keep it moving. Let me tell you the audience and I, absolutely loved this band, James (singer), never stops moving, he is everywhere, from left to right of stage , front to back. Their style they have perfected, definitely a hard rock/metal style, one worth checking out if you get the chance.

And of course , our very own 3 Inches of Blood , who were raised in Hell, steps out on stage next. Let me just say, with 3IoB you better be prepared, the mosh pit is crazy and brutal, and unfortunately everywhere. The crowd surfing is never ending, so watch your back and head. Don’t get me wrong , they are our local boys made good. And we are proud of them. They are amazing, their sound is a heavy thrash with power and speed metal, its metal as its most punishing, epic and mighty. So you can understand why the brutal pits. I would have enjoyed it way more without the younger ones there, usually you can stand to the side and enjoy , but that was not going to happen this night. So I didn’t really get the chance to appreciate them as I should, I was too busy watching behind me and trying to stand where I was, off to the side. But I have enjoyed their music many times in the past, and I can say, don’t miss out , they really are Deadly Sinners. 

Last up are a well known band from Switzerland, Eluveitie (pronounced el-oo-vuh-tie). And let me say if you heard them rehearse, you would think what is this band doing here, they are not metal, that’s what I first thought when I heard this band for the first time, because all I heard was bagpipes, flutes, and I thought “not metal”. Boy I was proved wrong, this is the most unique sounds put together that I have heard. It is called celtic folk, with Gothenburg styled melodic death metal. The instruments that make up the interesting sounds are fiddles, whistles, flutes, hurdy gurdies, bagpipes, crumhorn and accordian. What made this show even better was Anna had the whole crowd singing in Gaulish, and the crowd sung right along not making any mistakes, very impressive. A total of 8 musicians make up ELUVEITIE, and it is an amazing well put together band. I have also seen them many times when they come to town, and I can say they have never given a poor performance, its always a show that I walk away from feeling good. There is a lot of talented musicians in ELUVEITIE, which makes for a great show. Please if you get the chance don’t miss out on the opportunity to see this band from Switzerland. ELUVEITIE is sirom (a star).