MARCH 8th 2013

Review by YouFO

Days of Judgement track listing -
1. Animus Ara
2. Under Shadow’s Veil
3. Through The Storm
4. Circle of Torments
5. A Dying World
6. Labyrinth of Sanity
7. Days of Judgement
8. Legions of the Cross
9. Inferno
10. The Shattered Mirror

Band Members -
David McGregor - Vocals / Guitars
Martin Machado - Lead Guitars
Karlos Machado - Bass Guitars
Landryx - Drums

Originally ECLIPSE PROPHECY  back in the days was called Eclipse, had some band member changes take place,  did a name change to Eclipse Prophecy in 2009, and have had the same band members now since 2010.  They derive from the largest city in Quebec - Montreal. “Days of Judgement” is the bands first full length album, on Feb.1st it was released in North America and Europe gets the chance to give it a listen March 4th. Maple Metal Records is who they recently signed with in late 2012, so they are responsible for the release of the CD. The artwork was created by Pascal Laquerre, who is also responsible for Kataklysm’s and Aeternam’s album covers. This album is written and produced by David McGregor.

The first song Animus Ara, is an eerie instrumental melody, good choice to catch the listeners attention.  Their songs seem to be about prophecies, dragons, crusades, end of the world and rebirth. Seems like a good variety. The song “The Shattered Mirror” is given some death vocals by AUGURY’S Patrick Loisel, that doesn’t hurt the album either. This album is pretty much a modern day power metal one, and I found it enjoyable to listen to.

Drums - a little slower paced but has symphonic blast beats as well.
Bass - brings in the dark under tones.
Guitars - up-to-date metal riffs with melody
Vocals - clean, but don’t worry, there is also some hellish growls.

I enjoyed the album, its definitely a progressive power metal listening. If that’s the type of music you enjoy, then I suggest you get yourself a copy and enjoy it. I recommend it.