NOVEMBER 19/20th 2018
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper


The Ecclesia Diabolica America 2018 e.v. tour, when it was announced back in July, I knew this was a definate must see, and it wasn't going to be just one date either. So Vancouver and Seattle were marked on the calendar, and the wait was on with much anticipation. The tour started October 20 in Phoenix, Arizona at the Van Buren and ends November 24 in Los Angeles, California at The Wiltern Theatre.

For our first night, we of course hit up our local scene, Vancouver. You had to be 19+ to witness this event at the Commodore Ballroom on November 19th. First band tonight is WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, and if you are looking for some a litle ambient, metal, then this was the band for you. It was hard to tell though if the people there were there for WITTR or people were claiming their spot for Behemoth. But I think I could guess who was there for them, looking around the room, people with eyes closed and kind of nodding their heads, definately a WITTR fan. Coming from the Pacific Northwest, they are more of the sound of the rain, the trees the melancholy and psychelic sound. Not my kind of band, but they did play an excellent set.

Next is AT THE GATES, last time I saw these guys was the Decibel Magazine Tour in 2015. These Swedish boys really kicked ass, what a performance, just WOW, I liked them last time, but this time around I enjoyed them even more. I am sure that I was the only one in front that had a smile on my face the whole time. I don't know what it is about a lot of Swedish bands, but man they can really pull their talents together, and give their fans something to take home. They played an impeccable set, and the energy of their singer Tomas can't be matched, he was all over the place, and he also had a smile on his face, even though they are classified as Death Metal, with that smile, you know darned well, he was enjoying every minute on stage. I think the crowd really fed off him. A variety of their songs were chosen, and I think they were the perfect ones. Just looking at the crowd, and moshers, there was no denying their fans were there supporting. Excellent set.

You know who is next ... the band I came to see, Polish Black/ Death Metal masters ... BEHEMOTH. This, is their first headlining tour supporting their 11th album "I Loved You at Your Darkest". There was much anticipation for them to enter the stage, to get you pumped for them, there was a curtain hung in place so you couldn't see the stage, but you were anxiously waiting as you could see the shadows of people walking behind, getting it all ready for what I think is the best of the best that Behemoth has ever performed. You can guess, it was one of their biggest production of their career to date. Part of the show had fog blowing up and across in different directions giving an epic look, there is always alot of entertainment from Behemoth on stage but this time around, their prowess exceeds all previous concerts, and I have seen many in my day. There are new masks, 2 new headpieces that are magnificent, (wish I could have seen those closer to see the detail in them), their is insense and this gives gives Behemoth the ability to put on a performance that you will not soon forget. They played a few off their new album, and some from older ones. The screams and yells told me that those older songs still hold something dear to all our hearts. Their is a lot of talent in this band, you just have to watch Nergal, with the energy that he has, knowing he loves what he does, Orion, bass master creating that beat that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go, holds your attention, Inferno with drum blasts that holds the beat of the whole band, and creates that blast that has us all headbanging, horns high, Seth on guitar always amazes me, they have all created something unique here tonight, even something more different was the fact that all four came on stage near the end all covered in cloths, and all of them had drums hanging on them, and they displayed something out of the ordinary for Behemoth. Not something I will forget for a long time. They really did up the anty on this tour. I think even better for me was I was able to stand right up front. It was like everyone was just enthralled, paying attention to everything they saw, and heard from Behemoth. If you missed seeing them on this tour, I am sorry, you missed one kick ass show of all time. Maybe it won't be too long and they will return, if that is the case, you better get on it, don't miss this. Behemoth has stepped up their game. They truly have conquered all.


Now for the trek down to Seattle,WA for our second show of this epic tour. The running stage order didn't change, so of course, everyone played at the same times as the night before, which made planning the travel time down, pretty easy. WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM started the night again, did a great job, they had a lot of their own fans here because it is where they're from, so of course, the hometown is almost always the best night of the tour. Good to see a great turn out for them.

AT THE GATES, stepped up next, with a bit of a "hiccup" at the start, but afterwards, the show went on smoothly. Again, these guys nailed their set, I really prefer seeing them play live, just so much fun to watch, and enjoy. They sounded fantastic and performed extremely well. By the looks of the room, the crowd enjoyed them too. Same great night as in Vancouver, however, I would say the crowd was much more responsive to the set in Vancouver versus Seattle.

One thing I would have preferred was this show to be at the Showbox Sodo, but of course another band had grabbed that up for tonight, maybe next time. Sad to say though that Seattle didn't get the full show that Vancouver got, it was a different layout then Commodore, not as wide of a stage, nor the setup to do the "curtain entrance sequence", even the stage props were different, with the metal upside crosses instead of part of the curtain backdrop. Okay, I am going to complain too, because I enjoy watching so much, I was disappointed that VIP people came out and stood up front, it took away from watching Behemoth on stage. It's one thing for the photographers to be there for only 3 songs, but for them to come in and stand infront for the whole time, kind of kills it in my opinion. Their performance is just jaw dropping,everytime.  Before you know it, time has flashed before your eyes, and it's all over. *boohoo* I do miss the fact that they don't come out to the merch booth anymore, that was always fun, for me but for the fans too. Yes, they had VIP, but it just isn't the same. Behemoth is a true talent, something unique, and I have never been disappointed, but this time around, this tour, they went above and beyond. Outstanding showmanship.