OCTOBER 25th 2012

Bay Area metal band Early Graves and their forthcoming album, Red Horse, which is due out on October 30 via No Sleep Records. If you aren't familiar, this will be Early Graves' first studio album since the tragic death of their original singer Makh Daniels. It also marks the band's next chapter with their new singer and close friend John Strachan of metal band The Funeral Pyre.

1: So for viewers who don’t know who Early Graves are can you give us a quick background bio on your band.

We are a heavy band from the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles who hate
everything. We play aggressive music in the vein of Carcass, Entombed, At The Gates, Black Flag, and whatever else we feel like. We have a new album called "Red Horse" that comes out 10/30 on No Sleep Records.
2: Where did the name "Early Graves" come from?

Our former singer who passed away named us that. It was between that and "Hyenas" and we flipped a coin. He won.

3: You guys have a heavy hardcore thrash sound so can you tell me your influences from the past and even today being from the Bay area? Any music you listen to now that you think is worth mentioning?

I grew up on a steady diet of Thrash, Death and Hardcore. Some of it was from the bay and some of it wasn't but because we are from the Bay Area and its easy for people to compare, the bands from the area we like are Testament and Metallica and Exodus and what not. The only music I have been listening to lately is Skeletonwitch because we have been on tour with them for the last month, but in the van all I listen to is Fleetwood Mac and Slayer and Ghostface Killah.

4: Red Horses is your latest album being release October 30th so can you tell me a little bit on how the album came together with the writing and recording?

We set a date to record at the end of July sometime in mid April and wrote most of the album in that time. We spent two months writing the best songs we could and the rest of the time we spent practicing them
and adding little touches to them. The recording itself was awesome because Tim Green who recorded us has a rad studio and a big pool in the middle of no where. We all argued and drank a lot of beer and shot
at shit. It was bad ass.

5: You are currently with No Sleep Records and wanted to know how you got signed with them being with Ironclad/metalblade before?

Our deal was up and we went to the label that wanted to work with us. Being "signed" is very cool but where you go to matters less than the actual people itself working there for you and being in your corner.
Trevor from Ironclad is a great friend. We hung out not that long ago and had some beers at a show. Love the dude.

6: One would describe Red Horses as a full hardcore thrash assault but the 3rd track Days Grow Cold is a slower acoustic song. Can you tell me the how it ended up on the album?

Tyler wrote an acoustic thing and we wanted to do it so we did. I think it serves as a nice break from all the noise until we blast our way through a bunch of other riffs.

7: How would you describe your sound now compared to your first album? How have you guys grown as a band?

We have grown immensely as people and as a band. We experienced a singer dying in front of us and as a result we are a totally different band in some ways, and the same band in others. Its tough for bands to
describe how they grow because essentially, we are always trying to write the best that we can. So some see it as growth, I see it as the next group of songs that we have.

8: You are currently on tour with SkeletonWitch who bring a solid performance every night when they’re on tour. How are you guys liking the tour and are there any moments so far that stand out for you?

Nate from Skeletonwitch got nicked named BIG CAT and Dan from our band got nick named LIL CAT because they are both gingers with long hair and Nate loves cats. They got tour tattoos of big cat and lil cat. Also hanging with those dudes every night was a pleasure. They are some of the nicest people in metal.

9: Any plans after this fall tour? 2013 is almost here and wanted to know if you guys will be doing europe or asia?

We want to tour a lot and hopefully Europe and Asia are in the cards. The new album we have out is called "RED HORSE" check it out and find us on all of those internet sites people use. Cheers!

Thanks a lot.