JUNE 2nd 2017

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Tonight at the Rickshaw Theatre, was a special event for two of the bands, as both were having an album release. Unleash the Archers “Apex” and Dead Asylum “Death Always Wins”, plus supporting band Pyramidion released their EP today “100 Lashes and 5 Wounds”. All four bands tonight happen to be local, and they put on a terrific show to showcase what Vancouver has to offer.

First up tonight is THE MOUNTAIN MAN, the band is what they call rugged outdoor metallers, meaning they are all Canadian. These guys really have a killer sound, with some terrific riffs, blasting drum beats, and brutal vocals, making for a pleasurable listening experience. These guys nailed their set, had the crowd moving, horns high, and on the floor. I had my head moving, not full-blown hair whirling (still haven't mastered that one). The others around me, however, did have it mastered. The Mountain Man has a lot of talent, and they deliver. A great way to start the night off, even the Sasquatch would be proud.

PYRAMIDION is next, and if you need a dose of Death Metal, that is exactly what you are going to get, but with a little something, Ancient Egyptian mythology. Didn’t know what to expect with that, but again, our local boys crushed the crowd, had them moving, small mosh pit happened. The floor filled up quickly. This is also going to be the last show in a long while the band announced, which is too bad. Usually you release then tour, and I am sure they would leave a mark wherever they played. That being said, they did an amazing set as well.

DEAD ASYLUM’s turn to hit the stage, and put on a killer set. They have a good reputation already, so most attending tonight, knew what to expect. They’ve also been on tour with some impressive bands over the years. They know what they’re doing, combining thrash, death and melodic with a touch of groove, you must when you have these musical ingredients. Some have tried and not succeeded, but Dead Asylum, hands down know how to put it together. Moshers, headbangers and reviewers alike, all thoroughly enjoyed their set. Oh, and by the way, who caught my eye the most on stage was Samantha, their drummer, she did an excellent job keeping up the pace and steady beats. That takes a lot of skill and talent, and she did an exemplary job of it.

Headlining tonight is none other than our very own, UNLEASH THE ARCHERS. They have had much success over the years, and after much hard work, made a name for themselves. These warriors of the frozen north in 2015, won Best Metal Band, and Best vocalist, and watching their set, you would see how they won such prestigious awards.  There is so much talent here. Now like most bands, it is the singer who people recognize the most, and Brittney is no different, she has an extraordinary voice, one that can belt out a range of vocals, whether it’s power, melodic, death or speed metal, her voice is very unique. Plus, the entire band as well, has put their name on the music map, both guitarists put out some terrific riffs, the drummer blasts out those drum beats with ease, and the bass thunders through your veins. This truly is a band not to be reckoned with, a power house of Vancouver. They have some phenomenal talent, and it is worth the wait to see them perform. Their stage energy too, transfers over into the crowd, and creates a concert experience that this reviewer, enjoys writing about. The band visually and musically, beyond amazing. Next time they hit up the area, you will see me there, ready to review once again. Don’t miss your chance to see them.

Glad I got to review this show tonight, some great amazing talent from our neck of the woods. All four in fact put on one hell of a show for us fans. Try not to miss shows when they come through, but most of all, don’t miss the local bands, I mean think about it, every single band that you like, started out as a “local band”, and getting a chance to see them reach success, a great feeling. Go out and support your local bands, and help the scene of Vancouver, grow.