SEPTEMBER 19th 2018
Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper


Well Invisible Orange and The Rickshaw did a phenomenal job bringing this lineup to Vancouver last Wednesday night, what a line up and I hope you were there to witness this one.

Up first is OMNIUM GATHERUM, and you couldn't have picked a better band to start off the night. I think I missed one song due to an early set start, sorry had to drive into town, butI managed to catch most, and the songs they played had my attention.  I got to stand up front and get the full impact of their music. One of the songs, which happens to be my absolute favourite,"Skyline", they played, and I think I went a little crazier than the rest of the crowd for that one. This band from Finland knows how to pull it all together and give you an experience you won't soon forget. They call themselves Adult Oriented Death Metal, but I don't care what genre they are called, or what genre 'you' prefer, these guys have created such breathtaking melodies, catchy songs, you are going to enjoy and appreciate their talent. This is who I came for tonight, last time I saw them was with Sonata Arctica in 2016, I thought they were great then. This year, however, with a new record, "The Burning Cold", the band was in full swing promoting the great new tracks, along with classics from previous albums, it was a phenomenal performance. Their set was by far too short, there is nothing better than standing and watching such an amazing band, could have stood there the whole night for them. Usually I check out the room to see how everyone else likes them, but didn't care, I throughly enjoyed watching and listening, and singing to OMNIUM GATHERUM. I would love to see these guys come back as co-headliner, maybe even headliner? That would be amazing !

Next is MOONSPELL, a spectacular entrance for sure, it's something you expect from a band like this,  they know how to keep the crowds attention, and they have been in the business for over 20 years now. So you can always expect to see an amazing Dark Metal live performance, and songs that seemed to please the crowd. I went to the back for viewing and listening, a whole lot better in sound when you stand at the back of the room. May not have sold out, but there were a lot of people enjoying.

AMORPHIS hit the stage next, and I have always enjoyed these guys too. Last time I saw them was in April 2017 and they headlined. The floor definately filled more when they came on. With lots of the fans appreciating the riffs, solos, melody and drums, and then add the vocals, you now have an amazing sound that has a steady beat, to which you could headbang to or just raise those horns in the air. They played a variety of songs to which everyone was very enthusastic about. To me, they should have headlined, I would have loved to hear more of their songs. I did notice though that after they finished, a lot of people left. So for some I guess Amorphis was the headliner.

Headliner was DARK TRANQUILLITY came up next, the last band of the evening. The first time I saw these guys was in 2016 with Swallow the Sun. When they started to play you could see the crowd become more energetic with lots of positive vibes. They held the crowds attention for the songs they played, they got a hold of them and didn't let go. They also played a variety of songs, and it seemed like the crowd went crazy each time they played a new song. That is when you know who came to see you. It must be great to be on stage and see that reaction from the crowd.

This was a fantastic lineup. Yes, this tour definately had some of my favourites, but it was a great performance from each band. Glad I was able to get down there in time to catch them all.