SEPTEMBER 30th 2014

Review by Metal Mom

Band Members:
Herman Li - Guitar, backing vocals
Sam Totman - Guitar, backing vocals
Frédéric Leclercq - Bass, backing vocals
Vadim Pruzhanov - Keyboards, backing vocals
Marc Hudson - Lead vocals
Gee Anzalone - Drums, backing vocals

Hometown: London, UK
Genre: Metal

Release Date: August 18, 2014
Released in three versions: standard physical or digital CD, special edition physical or digital CD (with five bonus tracks and a bonus DVD), and vinyl

Record Label:
earMUSIC (Europe)
Metal Blade (US)
Universal (Canada)
3Wise (Australia)
Roadrunner (Japan)

Track Listing:
1.The Game (feat. Matt Heafy)
2.Tomorrow's Kings (Totman)
3.No More (feat. Matt Heafy)
4. Three Hammers
5.Symphony of the Night  
6.The Sun Is Dead (Leclercq)
7.Defenders (feat. Matt Heafy)
8.Extraction Zone  
9.City of Gold  
10.Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover, written by June Carter and Merle Kilgore)
Produced by: Jens Bogren
This is the first time the band didn't record in their own studio and with an outside producer. It is also the last album with drummer Dave Mackintosh

Okay, I am going to be embarrassingly honest here, I have heard the name, but never seen a show, or listened to their music before this review. So I don't know what to expect.  Checking out some of the other reviews, to tell you the truth I was a little hesitant to give this a listen. But like anything, not everyone is of the same mind. And I guess I am one of them.

What’s great about doing CD reviews, is the fact that you can come across a band that you want on your listening list, and well DRAGONFORCE “Maximum Overload” has caught my attention, and is now on my list. Each song was flawless, musically and vocally, and it now has me wanting to check out more of their other work. My personal favourite on this album is the “Ring of Fire”, the bands cover of a Johnny Cash tune. Excellent job. I also have listened over and over to this album, I always try to find some fault, but couldn’t find any on this album. The songs are not overly long. There is definite headbanging ability here, just all around pure enjoyment. This is their 6th album under their belts, and the second with Marc Hudson, also last with drummer Dave Mackintosh. A little tidbit of info here, “The Game" is the fastest song ever performed by the band at 240 bpm. The title “Maximum Overload” and the artwork were influenced by the constant bombardment of info people are subjected to everyday.

Grab yourself a copy, and sit back, sing, enjoy, drum the steering wheel, do whatever it is you do while enjoying some great tunes.