JANUARY 22nd 2013
Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper

METALTITANS made the trek down to cover this tour, which has been dubbed “The Weed and Speed Tour”. It’s Tuesday, January 22nd and doors are at 8pm at the Showbox Market in Seattle, Washington.  It’s cold,  the lineup is building, with a few people screaming “DOWN” every once in awhile. I am happy though to see security working their stuff before doors open to the venue, I won’t go into details, but am happy to see they are keeping the fans safe.

First up tonight is LORD DYING, out of Portland, Oregon, and under the Relapse Record Label. For those of you not familiar with Lord Dying, they are a kind of sludge, doom and thrash sounding band. They had a pretty good set, guitars and drums were sounding really good, but I don’t know if the mic was turned up as much as it should have been, because I found the singers voice low, almost hard to hear and for a thrash/doom band I was expecting more harsh growling vocals. The crowd seemed to be enjoying them. That’s what counts after all.

Next up is a band called WARBEAST, a thrash/metal band out of Texas under the label Housecore Records. This was a first for me, I hadn’t heard or seen them before. They had a great set, the crowd was really enjoying them play. And their sound was an excellent combo of thrash/metal, something that the crowd was head banding to with enthusiasm.
That’s when you know the music is just right, looking around and seeing everyone having a great time. I didn’t notice if there was much of a mosh pit, I was up front and to the side. These guys were none stop moving around, lots of good energy. Vocals were clear and brutal, the riffs were crushing, the drum blasts hammering, the bass thundering, all with a great sound system to belt out to their fans. Music excellent, stage performance totally captivating , superior set.

Tonight, the headlining band to step on stage is DOWN. Again, another first for me, but like many, the main reason for seeing this band is Phil Anselmo (from Pantera). The band is based out of New Orleans. They hit the stage, and the crowd went nuts, I would have expected a SOLD OUT show for these guys, so was shocked to be able to walk right across the middle of the floor, and not get knocked on my butt from some heavy moshing. I guess I was expecting Pantera style, but I really enjoyed their set, more a metal rock style, now don’t get me wrong, look around the room, and everyone there was having a blast. There was a lot of energy on stage, but not the hardcore kind, just a band there enjoying themselves and giving to their fans. I really enjoyed their set, 2nd song in was a dedication to Dimebag, which left a lump in your throat.  You could see people were touched by this. They played a mixture of tunes, and each one the fans were eager and enthusiastic to listen. Its pure and real and its all DOWN. Each member of Down executed their music and their stage performance with 110% effort. Giving it your all to the fans, well, we truly appreciate what it takes to do these shows night after night, and still be able to put all your effort into pleasing the crowds.  There is no mistaking the talent in Down. I feel really honoured to have watched and boy I sure enjoyed their set. And to me, their work is timeless. I hope it wont be long before we can enjoy another show. If you missed them…well there are still some shows that you can catch….and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do.

Jan. 26 -
The Summit Hall, Denver Colorado
Jan. 28 -
First Avenue, Minneapolis, Mn
Jan. 29 -
The Rave,  Milwaukee, Wi
Jan. 30 -
Bogart’s, Cincinnati, OH