OCTOBER 27th 2012

Review by Metal Mom

Band Members:
Doro - vocals
Bas Maas - guitar
Luca Princiotta - guitar
Nick Douglas - bass
Johnny Dee - drums

Well, when this one came to me, I thought it must be a mistake, I had just reviewed a cd by Doro. I was wrong, and then I wondered, she just released one, how good can this be, being so close. I can tell you after listening to all 13 songs, and often, that’s it’s a dynamite album. She is definitely the queen of rock/metal. Make no mistake this lady has talent, and you can feel all her blood sweat and tears that has gone into this CD. She is really a fighter, a pioneer and she has proven this to us yet again.

This is DORO’s first album with Nuclear Blast, and also her 12th solo album. Aug 3rd at the worlds biggest heavy metal festival (Wacken) the EP “Raise Your Fist in the Air” was released. Kind of a sneak preview of what was to come.

I was a little surprised, because I find that bands that put out cd’s so often like this, have a lot of filler on the album. You wont find that on here at all. What can I say, Doro fans, know her quality of work, and its what you are going to find. All the metal and rock you could possibly want, but being done Doro style, with some melodic tones, her amazing vocals can conquer the ranges from metal to rock, and I always enjoy when the artist sings a few of the songs in their own native language, just adds much more dimension. She also had 2 special guests appear on the album, Ozzy’s Gus G on “Grab the Bull“, and of course legendary Lemmy on “It Still Hurts”, another insurance of a memorable album. You will also find a tribute to Ronnie James Dio on here “Hero”. These are the 13 tracks -  (1) Raise Your Fist in the Air (2) Coldhearted Lover (3) Rock Till Death (4) It Still Hurts(featuring Lemmy) (5) Take No Prisoner (6) Grab the Bull(Last Man Standing, featuring Gus G)  (7) Engel (8) Freiheit (Human Rights) (9) Little Headbangers(Nackenbrecher) (10) Revenge (11) Free My Heart (12) Victory (13) Hero.

There is no doubt in my mind that DORO is a pioneer in her field of music, one that does what she loves best, and gives her fans all. That’s what I call dedication. Do I recommend “Raise Your Fist”, most definitely. And for those living in North America, don’t forget she will be touring in 2013, check out the dates, and make sure you get your ticket:

2/01/2013 Brass Mug – Tampa, FL
2/02/2013 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
2/03/2013 Empire – West Springfield, VA
2/04/2013 B.B. Kings Blues Club – New York, NY
2/05/2013 Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
2/07/2013 Mod Club – Toronto, ON
2/08/2013 Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY
2/09/2013 Al Rosa Villa – Columbus, OH
2/10/2013 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
2/12/2013 Blondie’s – Detroit, MI
2/13/2013 Mojoe’s – Joliet, IL
2/14/2013 Station 4 – St. Paul, MN
2/15/2013 Spicoli’s Grill and the Reverb – Waterloo, IA
2/17/2013 Moe’s – Englewood, CO
2/19/2013 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
2/20/2013 Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR
2/21/2013 Thee Parkside – San Francisco, CA
2/22/2013 House of Blues – West Hollywood, CA
2/23/2013 Rocky Point Cantina – Tempe, AZ.