SEPTEMBER 16th 2018
Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper


Invisible Orange brought this tour to town on September 16th, starting with doors at 6pm, and first band at 6:30. Sadly, we missed the first band Exist completely. Hard to get to early shows when you are off at 5:30, go home, grab the things you need and drive an hour into town. Didn't help there were issues on the highway.

So first band up to review is INFERI, who are very much a technical, melodic death metal band out of Nashville, TN. The band has been around since 2006, but for myself, never heard of them, or listened to their music. Looking around the room, everyone was enjoying themselves, including out of hand mosh pit. So I stood to the side, for me, this is not my style, sorry guys, the music just didn't seem to fit with the vocals. Not really a smooth process of music. I do listen to a lot of music, and some tech stuff too. But to tell the truth, doesn't matter what I think, by the looks of things, their fans were enjoying it to the max, and that is what counts.

Next up, I haven't seen in a long time, so was anxious to hear BEYOND CREATION. I wasn't disappointed. This is Progressive Death Metal out of Montreal. They also recorded their 3rd album this year "Algorythm" which should be released this fall. I enjoyed their music, all executed well, especially the vocals. You didn't have to take my word for it, just look around the room, and everyone was enjoying, the floor filled up more, and I moved off to the side, which I generally do when moshing happens.

ARCHSPIRE is next, our very own Brutal Technical Death Metal group of guys. They have been at this for awhile, and every time I see them (which is every time they put a show on here in town), they just keep getting better and better. I knew that most of the crowd was here for them tonight, there were so many t-shirts and hoodies sported. Great to see the fans/family supporting. Nothing better than playing to your own home crowd. They played a variety of songs, some got more enthusiastic cheers, horns and mosh pits. I am not a big fan of Technical death metal, but these guys have perfected it. What an amazing set. Tonight we didn't get those raw jokes from Oliver as his Mom was in the crowd. Don't need those anyway, their music takes over and gives everyone everything they need. Absolutely supreme guys.

German headliners OBSCURA hit the stage next. This Death Metal/Progressive/Metal band did something a whole lot different tonight, it wasn't planned, but they had to really. Their singer Steffen couldn't get into Canada, not the usual issues, but someone stole his passport. So, they could have not played, but instead, in really short notice, they had different singers, from different band, for different songs. Very talented musicians for sure, because they pulled it off. No one was disappointed, they held my attention for sure. Lighting was phenomenal. Just a great package, I was thoroughly impressed. I truly enjoyed the night, it is pretty cool when the whole tour comes together to help each other out like that. Let's hope Steffen finds it somewhere, but if he doesn't, not to worry, you won't be disappointed.

Remaining Tour Dates:

Sep 22 – Joliet, IL @ The Forge
Sep 23 – Toronto, ON @ Velvet Underground
Sep 24 – Quebec City, QC @ Salle Multi
Sep 25 – Worcester, MA @ Palladium
Sep 26 – Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory
Sep 27 – Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage Lounge
Sep 29 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
Sep 30 – Orlando, FL @ The Haven
Oct 01 – New Orleans, LA @ Southport Hall
Oct 02 – Houston, TX @ Scout Bar
Oct 03 – Austin, TX @ Come and Take It Live!
Oct 04 – Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey Gas Bar & Grill
Oct 06 – Mesa, AZ @ Club Red
Oct 07 – Los Angeles, CA @ 1720