MARCH 15th 2012

Review by YouFO

DIES IRAE is a Mexican Post Metal Band formed in 1994 but disbanded in 2002. The name Dies Irae translates to Day of Wrath. Lots of bands seem to have this name.

A reunion was enacted in 2009 and the band is now creating new material. In January 2009 Dahern and Fernz returned to the scene with a new musical approach, Daniel HG joins to the project in the visual concepts and backing vocals, two years after that the band begin to record their new album Secret Veils of Passion, and is signed with Chaos Records.

Band members:

Dah - guitar, bass, vocals, drumming program
Fernz - lead guitar
Daniel HG - vocals, visual concepts

There are 9 tracks on “Secret Veils of Passion”

1. Want
2. To
3. Tree
4. For
5. Fight
6. Sex
7. Even
8. Hate
9. Night

Never heard of this band before, but I will give anything a listen when its handed to me. I cant quit put a genre to them, nu rock/ post metal/ rock/ stoner metal, doom, cant put them into a pigeonhole. There isn’t anything wrong with that. Most of the songs on here are good, calming, soothing effect, maybe a little haunting, and some jazz fused in. Would have liked it better with real drums making their presence known, there is a distinct sound to drums, the programs don’t have the wrath . The vocals are a mixture of screaming, shouts with that laid back free spirit sound, so in other words, not boring. The guitars are fused into this mix well. Its definitely a rock, stoner feel to this cd. For me, I prefer something a little more upbeat, but pretty sure there will be those that like this. I liked it, just not something I would choose, only because my tastes lean toward the faster beats. I would like to say, I think the use of the actual drum kits, would have added the dimension to make the sound a better one. Just my opinion. I would like to hear their next one though.