JANUARY 29th 2012
Review By: Metal Mom

2008 was a pretty good year, and its seems to have been great for Jason Hinde who did lead guitar, and with Ricky Kerr on drums they wrote, then recorded this album in a basement. And when that was done “Tears of Blood” was sent over to Azimuth Mastering in New York Jersey to be finalized. The cover art was done by John Pollock and all the photography was done by Colin Paton. The lyrics for this CD was done by all 3 members, yes 3, but the 3rd is being omitted because he left on bad terms after this was released.

These 11 songs listed below, are brutal and forceful, make no mistake. This is a death metal, metal, thrash band that is exactly that. Probably my favourite thing, is that the vocals are those deep menacing, growling, hair raising vocals, and ones that are clear, so you could sing along, not the ones, that sound just like a bunch of mumblings you would hear from the devil. The vocals to me make this CD. Now don’t get me wrong, the guitars found their place, and fit right into the rage. And lets not forget the drums, after all they always seem to be the backbone of a song, the meat shall we say. It really was great to listen to, you know the Metal that should be in your collection, the one you put on, and its head banging time, thumb tapping on the steering wheel of your car as your driving down the road. These guys from Glasgow have got what it takes to go further, because Tears of Blood was done well, and has that brutal sound, no escaping that. But it’s the sound you want to listen to. Yes, I know it came out awhile back, but if you haven’t heard Diementia before, this is a good start.

1. Corruption
2. Face the Fear
3. Tears of Blood
4. Never Born
5. Bad Blood
6. No Escape
7. Thoughts of Revenge
8. Trojan
9. Denied
10. Rage
11. Where I Belong


I have also been told that Diementia has totally been transformed , they now have a bass player Rowan Petch and they now have Duncan MacIvor doing the vocals. But this CD Tears of Blood is to get you into Diementia before they release a new 4 track EP “Forgotten Dead” in late March, early April. Then later in the year, you can expect a full length album to be released. You can see that this is going to be a busy year for Diementia, and I am going to wish them all the success, because their talent as musicians shines through with a bang on TEARS OF BLOOD.