OCTOBER 8th 2013
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

It’s Tuesday, a clear sky, and a trip into Vancouver to the Rickshaw Theatre to enjoy 3 bands that I am pretty sure are going to kick some major A-- .

First up tonight is TITANS EVE, one of Vancouver’s own metal bands, one that you just know are going places. Just saw them recently with West of Hell, and their performance tonight was exceptional. A very tight band, one that knows how to entertain a crowd, that had all of us enjoying their songs, doing some headbanging, horns high, you know, what all us metal heads do at a show we get into.  You can see that Titans Eve are doing great things and going places, I mean they have played with Anvil, Korn, Arch Enemy and now Diamond Head and Raven, there is no stopping these guys. I always enjoy their set, they look to be enjoying themselves on stage, interact with the crowd, and play some real fine tunes. I can’t wait to see whats next for them. I for one am proud to say they are one of ours. Great job

Next is Newcastle, England’s NWOBHM godfathers of thrash, RAVEN. This is a second time around for me and I knew what fun, yet thrash times lie ahead. Definitely a band I will never miss when coming to town. Lots of energy on stage, played a variety of songs much to the pleasure of the crowds. I stood up front with a grin on my face the whole time, these guys know what they are doing, they performed well together, like a tightly fitting glove. Truly are the real thing, legendary musicians who came and brought the crowd to their knees. Especially with the insane vocals and bass playing of John, the full frontal guitar onslaught of brother Mark, and lets not forget the brutal blasting on drums by Joe. All amazing, put it together and you have one memorable night of music. I am so glad I had this chance to witness such an incredible band live. Better too, is they came out after their set and greeted, always happy to see this from bands. I even got a hug from John, because he saw me their whole set standing up front with a smile on my face. That’s because the music and the band were that amazing to watch.

Up next is headliner Diamond Head, which these guys are a first for me, watching a band play live is the best witness to what the band truly sounds like. What stands out most for me with this band, is the fact that they carried on when Nick had to return home for his fathers funeral. I fully expected the band to cancel the tour, but to maintain their commitment to their fans and the tour they called on long time friend vocalist Chas West (the Jason Bonham Band, Lynch Mob, 3 Legged Dogg & Tribe of Gypsies) to help out. Short notice, and their first night of tour in Vancouver was an exceptional one. Chas kind of reminded me of a Bon Jovi look a like, but I have to say he gave it his all, and did a mighty fine job of it too. At times if you watched closely, you could see the other band members helping him , letting him know when the time was right for the vocals to kick in again. Great comradery, which I think made the band stand out even more, they really did nail their set down. The crowd was loving every minute of it, and not once, did I hear any negative talk about the singer. Obviously they made the right choice. And if he made any mistakes, non of us were aware of it. Great job from each and every one of these guys, fully enjoyed their music, and I didn’t leave early to drive home for an hour, which sometimes I do if I work the next day. I still worked, but no damn way was I leaving before they finished.

What an excellent tour, right band combinations, excellent performance from each and every one. I for one, was really happy to be able to attend this show. For those of you who didn’t make it….sorry, you missed out big time.