AUGUST 25th 2017

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Well it’s Friday, and The Rickshaw Theatre, and The Invisible Orange have brought into town a dynamic line-up for all to enjoy. I was a little shocked though, got into town, lined up and there were only 8 people in line, just 8. But then I realized there were competing with two other shows in town. It did pick up though as the bands played.

First up tonight is a Rock’n’Roll band called REBEL PRIEST, what a great way to start off the night, I was right up front, and got to really enjoy these guys play. I was floored, a terrific set, had the people there, rocking out, but what surprised me, was the fact they are from Vancouver. Never ever have I seen these guys play, or even heard the name. Let me tell you, they are not to be missed, and I hope that they are able to open for a lot more shows. Definitely would be attending. Because they are an opener, don’t just ignore them, these guys know their stuff, and it is obvious they have the talent to go far. Way to go guy, takes a lot to impress me. 😉

Next up is SPELL, these fellows I have seen play before, I am not sure really what genre to put them in, they call themselves hypnotizing heavy metal, I can’t say I agree with that. It was slower, a little doomy, and I only stayed in the room for about 3 songs.  The lighting wasn’t so great either, one of the members was completely in the dark. Their influences from other bands, don’t really match up with their songs. I am still not sure what to think, some people were enjoying, and that is what counts. I came back in for the last few songs, but still just couldn’t get into them.  But hard to come in after a band that just gets everyone hyped and rockin’.

The Agonist, oh yes, I have witnessed them on stage before, only once though. I must say though, this show, from these Canadian melodic death metallers, outshone their last one. They put on one heck of a set, a lot of talent with this band, each and every member gave it their all on stage, and I am always amazed when I see Vicky belt out those songs, whether clean and deep-down growls. They played a variety of songs to everyone’s enjoyment. I was really having a great time watching and enjoying until one said mosh pit time, and it then it happened, and I quickly had to get out of the way, of bodies slamming up into the front rail. But, I found a great place still at the front, just to the side, and continued to enjoy to the max. This band is not to be missed. They have it all, talent, perfection on stage, and giving to their fans 150%, go check them out, you will see what I mean.

Okay, this next band, the headliner, is a new one for me. English heavy metal band DIAMOND HEAD. Pretty impressive too, especially when thrashers like Metallica and Megadeth say you are an important early influence. For this band, I went to sit at the back, as everyone tells me the sound is way better. Well, they kicked ass tonight in Vancouver, the floor filled, and they thrashed like no one else. Boy these guys had the energy, the power, everything to fulfill a great night at the Rickshaw. Very impressed, and I know the crowd rode the Diamond Head rail to the end of their set. I will definitely be checking out this band again if they come back to Vancouver.