MARCH 11th 2012
Review by Metal Mom

I have to say I was pretty honoured and excited to be reviewing this Cd, and although it took some time to be able to download, my computer just didn’t want to work with any of the files that came my way, I have to say, what a surprise, and a good one.

Devilish Impressions is a band out of Opole, Poland, back in 2008, I became aware of them when I received a copy of: Diabolicanos - Act III: Armageddon, so I was familiar with their music. And after some personal problems that would change the lineup and the absence from the stage, DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS is back with a vengeance and about to take the world by storm.

The album will come out as 3-winged digipack along with a 16-page booklet along with some amazing artwork. Its not what I expected. Of course I had heard their first release “Icaros”, and was anxious to listen to the rest, but then was kind of nervous about it, as sometimes the best song is the first one off the album. Oh was I wrong. All I really want to say is….” Damn, this is one hell of an amazing Cd, go buy it”, but I feel the need to go into more depth.

Band Members are :

Quazarre - vocals / guitar / keyboards
Vraath - bass
Icanraz - drums
Armers - guitar (who has just recently left the band)

In the middle of 2009, work was starting on the new album. Quazarre has done a lot of the work for it, but each of the others has contributed, and made it what it is, an exemplary CD. The production was done at many studios including Studio X / Strobo / Hertz and Red Sun Studios. There are also some others who provided their talent to the mix including Orion (Behemoth/Vesania), Jacek Grecki (Lost Soul) who laid down some amazing lead, Roman (Lecter) who did some great acoustic guitar work. Session synth appearance by Flumen (Asgaard) along with Lestath (METransmissionAL), who joined in on recording. Cant go wrong when you have a combination such as this. The artwork/ layout after a lot of discussion to make sure the right imagery was put out to fans was done by Michal “Xaay” Loranc.

I have to say that you really can’t put a genre to D.I. or this album, they have created their own unique sound, true to their own style, but something that will also appeal to the many masses. The concept is based on works of world famous poets like Baudelaire, Wilde, Alighieri, Poe, Longfellow and many more. Yes, this album, is by far their strongest to date. How do you top this one, I cant imagine, but I am pretty sure it will succeed this one with the way D.I. puts everything into their music. There are 9 exceptional tracks to be heard :

1. Icaros
2. Legions of Chaos
3. Lilith
4. Fear No Gods
5. Scream of the Lambs
6. Spiritual Blackout
7. Vi Veri Vniversum Vivus Vici
8. The Last Farwell
9. Solitude (instrumental)

Okay, first I must say, trying to review this album was a hard thing to get done, I enjoyed it so much that I kept playing it over and over, then finally realized I was suppose to be doing my job, reviewing it. Right off the bat, Icaros commands you attention, with fast beats, musically it’s not what you would expect, the vocals also grab you with 2 very different ones making this such a diverse CD. The first song Icaros is also the first one to be released off Simulacra. Legions of Chaos, has some haunting speaking vocals, and then moves on to the deep brutal growls, it’s a slower song, but not too much slower that you want to move on to a different song. Lilith is even slower, its more a gentle , melodic experience to be had, but don’t get a false sense of what its like because before too long it turns into a bad ass song, I found myself holding my breath on this one for some reason, not in fear, but like…whats coming next, I eagerly awaited for what D.I. had to dish out. Vraath on bass did a first rate job of anchoring the harmonic framework in this CD. Icanraz, well it wouldn’t be the same without him on board, blasting your ears with those drum beats, Armers succeeds in his guitar work, and well the vocal range of Quazarre puts Devilish Impressions in a league all their own. I don’t want to give too much away, this is one you have to experience to get the full force of what Devilish Impressions can accomplish. What made this album so interesting, was the fact no 2 songs sounded the same, there was something different at every turn. And I found myself listening to each and every song, not skipping over any. You know, I am not too sure that I did this album the justice it deserves, this album is full of energy, explosive, electrifying and full of metal presence, I am sure that after this is posted, I will think of things that I could have said better. But you be the judge, grab yourself a copy, I swear you wont be able to put it down. I am off once again to go and enjoy it. And really….it is damn amazing.

Check out the band's "Bandpage" below :)!/devilishimpressions/app_178091127385