FEBRUARY 27th 2013

Review By: Metal Mom

Formed 1982
Current Line-Up:
Schmier - bass/vocals and hate
Mike - guitar
Vaaver - drums

Aug 24 2012 Nuclear Blast announced that DESTRUCTION had entered the studio to do their 13th album celebrating 30 years in the business. DESTRUCTION is one of the original big three, along with Sodom and Kreator. Suffice it to say, DESTRUCTION must be doing something right, 13 albums and 30 years of existence.

Says Schmier “For the anniversary album, we’ve really knuckled down big-time – we’ve never been so fast, brutal and groovy before!” which if you think about it, is saying something after that long in the thrash world. When band members can write high energy songs, that flow with thrash that’s fast, hard, and tight, and still enjoy after these many years, its says something about the band, and what they can achieve. DESTRUCTION is one of Germany’s most famous thrash figureheads, well known for releasing superior sound.

Spiritual Genocide is what I think is a diversified album, the trademark aggression, anger at its best, and yet with some brutal grooves. This album is a little different from their classic thrash, it’s a more modern traditional explosion. Some phenomenal guitar riffs are to be heart, some charged drum blasts, some old school heavy metal, and all to be found on this album, but make no mistake this album is DESTRUCTION, and its thrash through and through.

Lets also give credit where credit is due, the album was done at the Gernhart Studios in Troisdorf Germany. Engineering was done by Martin Buchwalter, mixing by Andy Classen, and the “Mad Butcher” returns, with the cover artwork being done by Gyula. Some of DESTRUCTION’s old friends dropped by and added their touch to the album as well, like SODOM’s Tom Angelripper and TANKARD’s Gerre.

Track List:
01. Exordium
02. Cyanide
03. Spiritual Genocide
04. Renegades
05. City Of Doom
06. Legacy Of The Past
[featuring Andreas "Gerre" Geremia, Thomas "Angelripper" Such]
07. To Dust You Will Decay
08. Carnivore
09. No Signs Of Repentance
10. Riot Squad
11. Under Violent Sledge
12. Princess Of The Night [digipak bonus]
13. Carnivore
[featuring Harry & Olly] [digipak bonus]

If you are on old school thrasher, then this is definitely the album for you.