APRIL 26th, 2011
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper
Link to Photos Below: 

Tuesday night in Vancouver, a “Soul Collector” came to town, and if you are not familiar with those 2 words, it means you don’t know that DESTRUCTION came and destroyed the night. Considering the last of the 7 games between the Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Black Hawks was here in town, there was a good turn out for this thrash show. Now I have to say before I start this review, that I am not a thrash fan. But I did enjoy the high energy of the evening .

First to appear on stage was a local band , INFERNAL MAJESTY, which I am sure that a lot of you know the name. They originally formed back in 86 out of Toronto, but now reside closer to the west coast. They had a short set of about 20 minutes or so, and the crowd reacted well, in fact they got the crowd pumped for the night. Sadly though it was the last show for Eric Dubreuil who plays bass, I think he will be missed greatly.

Next on stage was to be WARBEAST, but unfortunately they had some Canadian border issues and were unable to make this show.

Next was HEATHEN, this American thrash metal band out of the Bay area (San Francisco) was playing for the first time in Vancouver, they had a good reception. They were very high energy, clear vocals, and that distinct thrash sound, they have mastered their craft well. Unfortunately though at the beginning of their set Lee Altus (Exodus) had some issues with his guitar and had to leave the set for about 15 minutes to try and get it fixed, he returned and Heathen went on to a well received set. The crowds really had a great time moshing to this band, and ones that didn’t, had their horns in the air to show support.

Now who comes out next, is what everyone has been waiting for, they are known to be one of the 3 kings of thrash, along with Kreator and Sodom. That’s a pretty high honour to behold. But let me tell you they deserve this, like I mentioned I am not a thrash fan, but listening to DESTRUCTION play for an hour and a half, and to see their energy, giving it their all, for the fans, was amazing. The floor filled up to almost full, the mosh pit, yes it still happened, but not like I thought it would, people were appreciating what DESTRUCTION was playing. “Invincible Forces” had us all there, listening to the guitar, bass and drum crank out their best of the best in thrash. You could feel the fast tempo and the aggression with each of their 19 songs. Each had an accelerating feel to them, which may be due in large part to its aggressive drumming style. I can understand why the certain degree of resurgence of popularity that has resurfaced with thrash, they have their style down to perfection. I am particularly happy that this tour started out in Vancouver, because I think all their energy and effort went into giving it their all for the first show, I am sure they do that for all their concert dates, but playing like they do every night , that’s got to be tough, and very tiring. This was not a “Metal Discharge” but a full blown out Thrash one .