APRIL 25th, 2011  

Review by: Metal Mom

 Day of Reckoning is DESTRUCTIONS 11th album, and it was released Feb 18 (Europe), and March 8 (USA). This CD has 11 songs, with a bonus track 12. Stand Up and Shout (Dio cover), and North American Bonus track 13. The Price (demo version). It is a 46:43 minutes of pure thrash metal out of Germany.

Let me tell you who they are, first DESTRUCTION is known as one of the 3 kings of thrash, the other 2 bands are Kreator and Sodom. Now for the band members, there is Schmier, who plays bass / Vocals / with a little Hate, and then there is the guitar player, Mike, and new drummer Vaaver. These are the overlords who make up DESTRUCTION. And their slogan is … “ Hate is my Fuel” .


Their newest CD Day of Reckoning, has proven that they truly are the old style roots of thrash, but this time around they have upped the ante, and you can hear the reasons why. This thrash band has a fast-paced instrumentation, a very fast temp and aggression. From Mike you hear the faster, tighter guitar riffs. Vocally the thrash metal vocals from Schmier are what gives this CD a unique brutal hatred sound. And from the newest member Vaaver, who proves himself without a doubt on this album, gives a fast savage performance on the drums. Usually in thrash metal you will find that there are a lot of repetitive sounds, but DESTRUCTION has wrapped this together so well, that the fans will never be bored, each and every song you will find a variance. This is pure thrash through and through.


Truthfully I am not a thrash fan at all, I am not someone who can sit and listen to thrash metal when it comes to town, but DESTRUCTION, with all their high energy in their sound, the talent of putting together the brutal guitar riffs, the fast paced but solid drum beats and the vocals that captured the true essence of thrash have swayed my opinion of this genre. I didn’t think it could be done, but I was wrong. This German band has done a “STAND UP AND SHOUT” job of it. Give “Day of Reckoning” a listen you will see what I mean.