JANUARY 23rd 2013

Review by Metal Mom

I am about to review the 4 song EP from a thrash metal band rising out of  Illinois. Their name - DEPREMACY, remember that, because I believe this is a band that will be on the Metalheads favourite bands list.

Truthfully another band that I am not real familiar with, but after listening to these 4 songs, the only bad thing, there wasn’t more songs to review. Boy these guys nailed it, and nailed it hard.

The high/main vocals are executed by Alexi, and a fine job of those high gruff harsh ones he does, and then for some lower deep growls is Dan. The combination of both these vocalists gives this album some unmistakable character, and together fit like a puzzle piece. Made for some great listening. The first song “World Domination” caught my attention right away, and it held my interest the whole way through. Guitar work from Alexi (rhythm), and Joe(lead) flowed smoothly and had some intricate riffs, and had those astonishing ones that you have to head band too, no matter where you are listening from. Or you will be tapping your hands on the steering wheel, you are going to be moving to this. Make no mistake. Drums by Mikey are outstanding as well, there is nothing missing here, those drum blasts I would call .. maniacal percussive explosions. Lets not forget the bass work here either by Dan, which you know a lot of the bass work isn’t very often heard, wrong, its anchoring the harmonic framework and laying down the beat, and doing it well.

The band members have a lot of influences in their music including Behemoth, Deicide, Witchaven, Enfold Darkness, Freddy Mercury, Pantera, Lamb of God, Death Angel, Testament, Warbringer, Slayer, Havok, Skeletonwitch, Enfold Darkness, Metallica, Slayer, listen hard and you might hear a bit of the influences from some of these bands. What a great EP, combining their talents of playing, with some of their influences, and you have a band that can work its magic and put out one “H” of an EP. The more of “this” kind of thrash, the more I would be listening. And believe me when I say, you don’t just have to be a thrash fan to enjoy this, every metal genre will agree it hits you with some powerful riffs, some phenomenal vocals, drum blasts that echo in your chest, and bass that thunders in your veins. Now this is the kind of EP that everyone can appreciate from start to finish.

To tell you the truth, I don’t think anything I say can do this EP the right justice, only you can truly recognize the quality of these 4 songs, which are 1) World Domination 2) Vengeance 3) Darkness Arise 4) Left to Die, no filler, no skipping over, this is talent through and through. Please if there is any EP / CD that you need to have, it’s an obvious choice …. “ DARKNESS ARISE “ by Depremacy, and pass the word along, your friends will headband right along with you on this one \m/. I haven’t stopped listening since getting these tracks. Go on, grab this one, and watch for Depremacy to become a well known name.

Alexi Ascaridis - Rhythm Guitar/Lead vocals
Joe Pongratz - Lead Guitar
Dan Stapinski - Bass/Backing Vocals
Mikey Gorak - Drums