OCTOBER 31st 2013
Review by Ruben Mosqueda

Deep Purple’s Mark II lineup reunited in 1984 after having disbanded  bitterly years before. While the Mark II incarnation of the band wasn’t the first it certainly was the most beloved by fans and considered ‘the classic’ lineup. Purple was signed by Polydor Records  and issued a brilliant effort with ‘Perfect Strangers’ which included the hits; “Nobody’s Home,”  “Perfect Strangers,” and “Knocking on Your Back Door.”

The latest DVD ‘Perfect Strangers Live’ captures Purple firing all all cylinders on their reunion tour promoting ‘Perfect Strangers.’ Ian Gillian sounds fantastic and Blackmore delivers a blazing performance. The band as a whole gelled very well after having been apart for several years--the charisma and energy of years past was still there. The usual suspects like; “Highway Star,” “Lazy,” “Child in Time,” “Space Truckin,” “Speed King,” and “smoke on the Water,” are there alongside tracks from the then newly released ‘Perfect Strangers.’

There’s a an nice added bonus for the die-hard Purple fans; a tour documentary that captures band members doing press and behind the scenes of the tour. As you might have expected there’s no Blackmore interview footage as he’s alway alluded the media.