FEBRUARY 26th 2019

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos: Char Tupper
Gallery: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/the-decibel-magazine-tour-2019/

This was an all age show, with doors opening at 7pm. I was sweating blood for this day, as there had been tons of snow dropped in Seattle before this show, and I knew this was a must see, and well, no snow, sunshine, but cold, I can live with that. This show was also exciting for the fact that it was the first time ever that Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel had played together on USA soil.

First opening band tonight is BLOOD INCANTATION, for me, never heard of these guys before, if you haven't either, well they spawn from Denver, Colorado and are death metal. They formed back in 2011. Their debut album was called Starspawn and released in 2016. I have a hard time calling them death metal, because I go by the vocals, and the vocals tonight could not be heard. I wish someone had fixed that because it could have made a whole lot of difference. Musically, maybe a little death metal, but seemed to have something else mixed in there. Still not sure what I think, but they enjoyed themselves, and I think the crowd did too.

Next is NECROT, a band out of Oakland, CA and is more a Death Metal/Punk. Again, hadn't heard of them before, they reminded me of other bands, not the ones I was about to see, but couldn't put a connection to who. The crowd seemed to enjoy them, did I enjoy, again not sure, as Death Metal to me, can only be ones that make that destiction and are so well known for it. I am not saying they were not good, and I try hard not to judge, to listen and be open minded. Hard to do tonight considering who was coming up. I was starting to enjoy by the time their set ended.

Okay, next, oh boy, next is MORBID ANGEL, the name has been around since 1983, but only recently have I been enthused when I know they are coming to town. This Morbid Angel - Steve Tucker, Trey Azagthoth, Dan Vadim Von, Scott Fuller, put 150% into their performances and give us the best of the best of Morbid Angel. No denying they enjoy what they do, it shows, there is a lot of talent in these musicians, even with a little bit of technical difficulty, they pushed on like there were no problem. Professionalism from start to finish. I was amazed though, I got to enjoy being up front, never once got nailed by moshers. Although the crowd surfers really kept security on the move. I mean where do you start, everyone knows Morbid, whether old or new, Trey is the only original member left, but let me tell you the other 3 fit like a glove, from start to finish, whether old songs or new, they held your attention for their whole set. It was flawless, you can’t ask for anything more, well, except maybe for a longer set. I would have definitely enjoyed that. Thanks for such a phenomenal show.

CANNIBAL CORPSE are the biggest death metal band in the world, and the name has been around since 1988, so over 30 years and they have perfected their sound to the enjoyment of us fans. You could say that Cannibal has set the standard for others to follow. This time around, you will notice that someone has stepped up to the plate to help out, his name, another household name, Erik Rutan. Put all these guys on stage together and you without a doubt have the best Death Metal band. There were cheers to every one of their songs tonight, they played a variety of their well-known songs, and of course executed them to perfection. I for one watching Corpsegrinder on stage, get dizzy watching him do his headbanging. Would love to see if anyone even comes close.  Each musician on that stage showed off their unbelievable talent, you can’t help but watch in awe. And to end the show perfectly, can you guess the song they played … yep, it was “Hammer Smashed Face”, which had the crowd going nuts, I don’t think security could keep up with all the crowd surfers. Still got to stand up front, just off to the side though this time around, but hell yeah, I am a Grandma now and I was up in front for Cannibal Corpse.

Thank you to Decibel Magazine and Showbox Market, bands and crew and staff for a very positive experience, and some really great memories.