JULY 28th 2014

Review by Metal Mom

Genre: Industrial Synth Death Rock
Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
Record Label: Nuclear Blast

Whiplasher - Vocals
Nightmare - Lead Guitar & Keys
Skinny - Bass
Vice - Drums

Well this is Deathstars 4th album release, and I chose this one to review, I have heard the band name before, but never have I listened to them. Don’t ask why, I don’t know. But after listening, I can see why this is a long awaited album. Especially with a five span since their last one. First I would love to know what it is about Sweden that cranks out the music, all varieties and it kicks ass.  Is it the water.

For those of you who are fans, you already know this album is a success. For me, listening, these 10 songs were played many times. Even first time listening, I was memorized. It takes a lot of talent to get it all right, the music, lyrics, and then actually performing it all. I think what is great too about this album, is the fact that you can sing along.

What catches your attention is the variety on this album, from soft, to epic, melodic to fast paced, dark to a bit more of a twist, all strong songs in my mind. If this is their sound, then I obviously have been missing alot. I like the fact there is some substance to their music, meaning they have taken the time, and thought to put what it is they want, to give the fans what is DEATHSTARS. They did a superb job of it. It is a very powerful album, and 40 plus minutes goes by in a blink of an eye. That’s why I listened to it numerous times, to really get the feel for it, but you will notice something different between the first and last songs, let’s see if you pick up on it.

The track list:

 1. Explode
 2. Fire Galore
 3. All The Devil’s Toys
 4. Ghost Reviver
 5. The Perfect Cult
 6. Asphalt Wings
 7. Bodies
 8. Temple Of The Insects
 9. Track, Crush & Prevail
10. Noise Cuts


I highly recommend this album.